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The Importance of Weighing Scale System in the Logistics & Transportation Industries

Regardless of your business’ current size, one must ensure that your company complies with legislation and laws governing transportation of weight across the nation, and complies with weight capacities being converted to dollars at point of sale. In the logistics and transportation industries, having the right weighing scale system in place determines the difference between compliance and non-compliance issues.


Global business of Container Cargo freight train for logistic import export.


Weighing scale system in logistic and transportation.

Weighing scale system play a critical role in the operations of many businesses, including the transportation and logistics industries. These two industries rely on high quality, accurate weighing equipment not just when it comes to weight measurement, but also in the prevention of accidents and penalties from governing authorities. Here at AWE, we encounter stories of where road accidents have occurred, sometimes where these have caused injury and death. Transporting heavy loads on the highway comes with unforeseen risk directly related to the weight of loads being transported, which is why the governing authorities enforce strict regulations. Imagine if one vehicle operator/driver fails to adhere to the regulations when it comes transporting loads and this results in causing an accident. The authorities would see the operator and driver responsible, and they will be subject to serious penalties, fines and possibly imprisonment.

A solution to measuring both light and heavy loads that come in and out of warehouses and obtaining fast, accurate measurements of loads can be yours. The AWE Group offers a variety of Truck Scales, Weighbridges and Onboard Weighing Solutions which can save you thousands of dollars in fines, compensation claims, and non-profitable expenses due to breaches of regulations and laws governing overloaded vehicles. As they say, prevention is better than cure.


Safe Weigh System by the AWE Group

Because the logistics industry depends on knowing the weight of their loads, a requirement for precision scales is necessary in preventing accidents and gross profit loss. These must be as reliable and efficient as possible. The AWE Group’s Onboard Weighing Systems are designed for Forklift Trucks, Skid Steers, Loaders, Tractors, Pallet Jacks and Trucks are created for operational efficiency and safety. This range of products offer varying accuracy and functionality to meet your companies’ specific requirements. If AWE were to help your business, operators could accurately determine the weight of each package, parcel, bulk consignments, pallet, bag or box with ease.

Scales provide a solution to allow your business to comply with laws and regulations regarding weight. Let AWE help carry the load. Talk to one of our field experts today. The AWE Group is a market leader and employs qualified technicians to service companies Australia wide. We consider the cost of equipment and machinery as an investment for your business’ future.

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