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When it comes to baggage terminals and airports, the AWE Group has a wide variation of high-quality and reliable selection of baggage scales and aircraft weighing machinery built to meet the high demand of a bustling environment.

Getting the weight of everything that goes in the aircraft requires accuracy and great workmanship. When it comes to aircraft scales, it is important that accuracy be at the top of what is expected. The AWE Group’s selection of  Weighing Scales deliver reliable and stable readings, undisturbed by sensitivity and leaks associated with load sensing technology.

Designed to fit on benches, the AWE Group’s range of Bench Scales don’t take up too much room with a range of 3-60kg. Bench Scales can be Trade Approved or a Counting Scale, with models featuring a stainless steel platform, while others are washdown scales; perfect for the pharmaceutical industry.

From simple scale read-outs to high speed data acquisition and control for baggage counters, whatever the application, the AWE Group has the perfect Digital Indicator to suit your needs. Our range includes imported indicators at keen pricing, along with our High Quality Australian-made models.

Load Cell scales designed by the AWE Group are also dependable means to weigh aircraft and other materials as they are cheaper compared to the platform scale. These load cell scales help the aircraft in setting up and weighing its level flight attitude. The AWE Group offers a variation of load cell scales designed for heavy loads. They are self-resetting and centering, with good rigidity, strong side force resistance, overload self-locking and protection in harsh weather conditions due to their IP68 hermetic seal.

When it comes to the aviation industry, every weighing scale should be properly stored or shipped, and they must be calibrated for continuous accuracy. As the Top Weighing Equipment Technicians in Australia, the AWE Group, considers the cost of calibration as an investment for your business’ future.

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