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Linear Weigher

Fast, Accurate And Reliable Approach To Weighing A Huge Range Of Products

One Of The Most Cost-Effective Method For Weighing Bulk Materials To Relieve Labour Intensity And Improve Working Efficiency.
How the Linear Weigher Works:

The Linear Weighers feature fast, precise and accurate dosing. The dual head linear weigher design allows for easy integration with packaging machines to achieve the perfect package weight.The modular construction makes cleaning easy and keeps maintenance to a minimum. Various options are made available to meet specific requirements.

The Linear Weigher is set to a pre-determined target weight, the bulk product is then loaded into the in-feed hopper.
The product enters the weigh pan where the system monitors the weight, assisted by a vibrating mechanism (other methods of dosing available depending upon product such as an auger, belt feeder etc.).
Once 80% of the target weight has been loaded, the system switches to a dribble feed for the final 20%, thus ensuring optimum accuracy (the percentages of fast feed, dribble feed is configurable to specific products to allow greater throughput).
Once weighed, the operator depresses a foot switch or pushes the drop button and the product travels through stainless steel outlet chute. Electronic weighing and supervisory Programmable Logic Control (PLC) monitors the bag weight and controls the bag filling using a fast, then for improved accuracy, a slow feed phase.[/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”The Bags Contents Are Weighed By Gross Weight »”]Bradwood Packaging’s Linear Weigher weighing system uses a specially designed scale to achieve market leading performance. This technology is a key point of difference between our Packers and the competition.

A load cell is used on each weigh bucket, this allows accuracy and speed to be achieved. This process is ideal for small to medium speed packaging applications.

The Linear Weigher is an accurate preweigher designed to fill Confectionery, Frozen Foods, Snack Foods, Nuts & Pulses, Tea & Coffee, Dried Foods, Pet Foods, Dry Baby Foods, Seeds, Grain, Rice, Sesame, Melon seeds, Food additives, Sugar, Salt, Chicken essence, Pesticide, Fertilizer, into open mouth bags, jars, bottles or boxes. [/spoiler] [spoiler intro=”What You Get With A Two Head Linear Weigher »”]Constructed from Stainless Steel, so it’s built to last and makes cleaning a breeze

High accuracy load cell technology
Easy clean out and changeover of new products without contamination
After Bradwood Packaging installs your equipment you get hands on training and documentation, to maximise your ROI
Various configurations are available, covering a wide range from as little as 5g to as much as 3000g
Operator friendly easy set-and-forget controls
Universal and industrial components give the machinery extra long life cycles the way machinery should be built
Manufactured to comply with Australian & International Standards
Automatic In-flight Correction
Quick adjustment to suit your bag sizes
The heart of Linear Weigher is your PLC and interface, it’s simple to operate, your operators will have it all at the tip of their fingers
Don’t worry about security, because you can add password protected operator access levels
A flexible and modular Packaging System which can be interfaced with most filling systems and check weighers. The same control panel can be extended to operate all packers and weighers
The Linear Weigher uses top European quality pneumatic and electronic components ,such as Festo, Metalwork, Schneider, SMC.

So when you order your Two Head Linear Weigher it comes with:

  • PLC controller interface
  • 200 -250 v AC Supply (Other Power configuration available)
  • Large 8L surge hopper
  • Multiple Frequency Vibratory feeders & Weigh Hoppers


Can I Customise The Two Head Linear Weigher?

  • Connecting a Dust Collection Vacuum System
  • Alternative feeding method such as belt feeder, screw feeder
  • Larger Hoppers
  • Teflon Coating On Feeder Pans
  • Additional Discharge Chutes
  • Out-feed Conveyor
  • Inlet Surge Bins
  • Left Hand Machine Build


Further Options for Machinery In The Production Line

  • Bag Makers
  • Conveyors
  • Check Weigher
  • Hot Air or Band Sealers
  • Self Leveling Palletizers
  • Cartoners 
Number of Buckets2
Weighing Range5g to 3 kg
Weighing Speed (Bags/ Min)for standard bag 1 kg Speed 6-10 bags a minute depending products
Weighing Accuracy (gram)±1
No Recipe99
Load Cell2
Volume of Weighing Hopper1.4 Litres
Storage hopper volume (L)8 Litres
Power Consumption (w)2500
Power Supply (V/Hz)240V, 50 Hz
Dimensions758mm (w) x 890mm (d) x 1070mm (h)
Net Weight (kg)170

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