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When “Out-of-the-Box” equipment is not enough

Our experience together with the latest software & machinery means we can increase production whilst reducing your costs. We have built up a large customer base over this time and have established an excellent reputation for our high quality CNC precision turning service to companies across all industry sectors.

Our modern CNC’s give us the capability for one hit machining of complex components therefore eliminating all secondary operations. Our fixed head CNC benefit from quick set-up times for short production runs and our single spindle automatics allows us to keep our prices down on simpler high volume turned components.

All states Machining can offer you much more than manufacturing components and CNC machined parts. We can offer advice, development and prototyping and can work closely with our clients to develop and turn your ideas into reality.

Our Services include:

CNC Custom FabricationGrinding
Parts Remanufacturing / Reverse EngineeringPlastic Injection Molding
Prototyping and RepairsFabrication & Engineering
Welding (in-house and on-site)Press tooling
Consulting Solutions for your Design and Fabrication ProblemsAnd much more…

Typical Materials Machined
Materials typically machined or manufactured from

  • Aluminum bar/cast
  • Brass – Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel
  • Cold-rolled Steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Inconel – Plastic
  • Hastelloy – Nickel
  • Titanium

Whatever the material or idea you have, our CNC machining or milling will cut and shape it according to both your needs and our knowledge of capabilities. Allstates Machining will also advise you as to the optimum choice of material for your task.

  • 2 x CNC Lathes with C Axis
  • 2 x Machining centres
  • 3 x Tungsten Carbide Grinding Cylindrical & Tool Cutter capacities
  • 1 x EDM Spark Eroding

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For over 40 years we’ve been manufacturing weighing systems. We have provided customised business solutions for a wide range of industries. We believe in presenting clear proposals with no hidden surprises. So you’ll know what you’re getting up front.

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When it comes to weighing solutions, Australian Weighing Equipment is my go-to company. Nothing comes close to the quality of their products- not to mention the excellent customer service!

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Poly Dem Product Manager

What I love about AWE is the accuracy, reliability and quality of their products. Their service is also commendable. That’s why I always promote this brand to friends and family.

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Robin Ton Engineer

If you’re serious about purchasing weighing equipment, you need AWE.

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Magar Faw Service Manager