Auger Fillers

Auger Packer Fillers are available with Horizontal and Vertical Augers

Horizontal Augers are best for free-flowing powders and granules. 

Vertical Augers can control portions of non-free flowing materials.

Traditionally accuracy is achieved by restricting the hopper opening or feed path but this can result in product bridging and poor packaging rates.

An auger packer filler uses a servo driven screw to draw product from the hopper to the bag.  This results in greater weight accurately.

Combining scale feedback allows you to refine the system accuracy, track packaging weight and deliver market leading performance.

Every dry product has its own characteristics that effects the suitability of this machine for your application. They include flowability, lumpiness, weight, density variation, dusting and suitability for augering.

If you’re filling a consistent powder, then a Horizontal Auger Filler is the best solution.
If you’re filling pastes, creams, soil products then a Vertical Auger Filler would provide the best solution.

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