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In order to achieve reliable and accurate weighing practices in the pharmaceutical industry, the first step to take is having the right tools. The AWE Group offers high-quality pharmaceutical equipment from Precision balances to Balance Scales, Weight kits, Bench Scales to Floor scales to assist health workers in improving health and saving lives.

Considered as the most crucial piece of equipment used in a pharmaceutical facility, Precision Onboard Weighing System of the AWE Group is the highest accuracy weighing system, offering an amazing 0.1% accuracy of machine capacity. The solid state design is virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts, hydraulics or electro-mechanical devices to service, and is built tough to withstand the rigours of your applications.

The AWE Group’s selection of Balance Scales include the Bilby Balance Scale and Bullant Balance Scale which are both designed to measure small increments in product in the sub-milligram range. Both laboratory balance scales use a tuning fork to achieve high accuracy with 3 decimal places 410 g x 0.001g.

Designed to fit on benches, the AWE Group’s range of Bench Scales don’t take up too much room with a range of 3-60kg. Bench Scales can be Trade Approved or a Counting Scale, with models featuring a stainless steel platform, while others are washdown scales; perfect for the pharmaceutical industry.

Perfectly designed for sanitary pharmaceutical lines, the AWE Group’s Longneck Small Platform Scale is a multi-functional unit which is calibrated prior to shipment and is ready for immediate use, providing high accuracy weighing in a wide range of capacities. It features user-friendly functionality with large tactile buttons and an easy-to-read backlit LCD, making it a popular model amongst our clients.
When it comes to Test Weights, the Awe Group has the largest range of certified Hire Test Weights and support hardware in the Southern Hemisphere. They have access to over 240-Tonne of 1-Tonne certified masses covered by REG 13 certificates and a range of fully-calibrated weights from 1kg to 220 tonnes. This means you can achieve any weight permutation, or deal with the most complicated test load requirements.

The AWE Group’s range of pharmaceutical scales and analytical scales can be used in pharmacies to achieve accurate measuring and correct mixing of substances in the making of medicines, improving accuracy and reliability.

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