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For over 40 years, the AWE Group has gained the trust and confidence of clients from different industries all over the globe.

Designed for Australian conditions and a lifetime of heavy duty use, the list of the industries using our designs are endless- some you would never guess.

Bulk Construction

The AWE Group recognizes the need for precise measurement and weighing solutions in the Bulk Construction industry.


Maximize your business operations and workforce productivity through agricultural scales with various farming applications.

Logistics & Transportation

Having the right weighing system in place determines the difference between a stale growth rate and an increasing business size in this industry.


A wide selection of baggage scales and aircraft weighing machinery built to meet the high demand of a bustling environment.


In order to achieve reliable and accurate weighing practices in the pharmaceutical industry, the first step to take is having the right tools.


In any medical facility, a well-functioning weighing scale is a must. Outdated, unsafe scales can lead to injuries for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Food Processing

From harvesting of fresh ingredients, to processing and down to distribution, The AWE Group scales are used in every step of the process. 


Providing reliable solutions for truck operators and timber haulers when it comes to accurately weighing their load.


Precise measurement on every truck transport is a necessity when it comes to the waste industry.

Food and Beverage Service

Due to heightened hygiene and safety requirements, the need for accurate and reliable weighing scales in the food and beverage industry is becoming more prominent.


In an industry as crucial as manufacturing, accurate weighing controls everything- from raw materials down to the finished product ready for distribution. 

Scrap/ Recycling

With the goal of minimizing inefficiencies in scrap operations and maximizing business profit, the AWE Group offers a wide range of robust scales and machinery specifically designed for recycling and scrap processing applications.


In the chemical industry, precision and accuracy are dominant factors. The AWE Group answers this through reliable scales designed to weigh various chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Commercial Fishing

Whether you’re in the water or in the dock, The AWE Group’s commercial fishing weighing scales will provide the accuracy and reliability you need for your operations.