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Food and Beverage Service

Food and Beverage Service

Due to heightened hygiene and safety requirements, the need for accurate and reliable weighing scales in the food and beverage industry is becoming more prominent. Used for different processes such as testing, packaging and production, the AWE Group’s range of both trade approved and non trade approved weighing scales provides reliability and accuracy to the food industry.

As defined by The Food Standards Agency, any food being sold should have an accurate weight. The AWE Group’s selection of Trade Scales can be used for anything from direct to indirect sales by weight, ideal for businesses in every environment. Our scales comply with requirements set out by the NMI (National Measurement Institute).

Designed to fit on benches, the AWE Group’s range of Bench Scales don’t take up too much room with a range of 3-60kg. Bench Scales can be Trade Approved or a Counting Scale, with models featuring a stainless steel platform, while others are washdown scales; perfect for the food industry.

The Beetle Bench Scale is an affordable solution for general purpose weighing where trade approval or selling by weight is not required. Ideal for all round general purpose weighing plus checking and dividing food portion sizes in the kitchen at your home, office, restaurant, farm or zoo.

The Platypus Waterproof Scales are ideal for weighing seafood, fresh meat products, poultry and livestock and other food processing applications requiring frequent wash-downs during weight capture for hygienic food-grade packing. Platypus Waterproof Scales have an IP65 rating. This means they’re protected from dust, moisture, humidity and water sprays.

The Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale is ideal for food processing & weighing + packing trade applications. If you need a trade-approved portable, waterproof scale then the Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale fits the bill. Designed for accurate weighing & packing in the trade of fresh poultry, fish, vegetables, meat repacking and other food processing applications, the Pelican Waterproof Bench Scale has a stainless steel hygienic platform that’s easy to clean and is highly portable (it weighs only 2.78 kg).

The Echidna Bench Scale is a high capacity and accuracy scale that has been designed to suit the food processing industry. One would ordinarily expect to pay thousands of dollars for a scale with such high accuracy and capacity, but the AWE Group can offer this as an affordable solution to your company because of their research and development in the latest scale technologies. The Echidna Bench Scale offers up to 60kg capacity and internal resolution of: 1/600,000.

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