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Scales 101: Your Ultimate Guide To Knowing How Scales Really Work.

Used for a variety of purposes in different industries including construction, agriculture, and healthcare, Industrial Weighing Scales are specifically designed to provide the highest possible accuracy and are normally used in very harsh environments. These industrial weighing scales provide reliable weighing information for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. How Important

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Load Cells: The Heart Of Your Weighing System

Load cells, or commonly known as load cell transducers, are critical yet significant components in most industrial weighing systems. By definition, load cells are sensors that measure and convert weight- or more accurately, directional force into an electrical signal. Designed to be a highly accurate device, load cells can be

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Benefits of Onboard Weighing Systems

What Is An Onboard Weighing System? Onboard Weighing means the ability to weigh a load in real time, mostly used in transportation devices. Onboard Weighing lets the drivers monitor the truck’s load without needing to transport the load to a scale while quickly recording the weight. Onboard Weighing Systems has

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Keep Your Health and Safety In Check With The AWE Group.

We have all been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic one way or another, may it be as individuals or as an industry. While most businesses are experiencing a difficult time adapting and coping to the unexpected changes, some businesses managed to turn this pandemic into something good, coming up with

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Why Your Transport Business Must Have Weighbridges

May it be via air, land or sea, accuracy highly affects the success of any logistics and transport business. Since accurate weight is the basis in calculating the price of the service, having a weighing equipment is a must to get the correct cost and duration of any product transport.

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The AWE Group Is Still Servicing During COVID-19.

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain: Our service doesn’t stop during Lockdown. Australian Weighing Equipment or The AWE Group shows their continued commitment to providing quality and reliable Calibration service for Scales and Weighbridges with increased safety measures and health protocols in place to help keep the COVID-19

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