Food concentrates, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemical liquid, daily chemical industry, be used for dosing filling a variety of viscous & non-viscous/ corrosive & non-corrosive/ bubble & bubble-free liquid.

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“What You Get With Liquid Filler

For pesticides, pharmaceuticals (gynecological medication,erythromycin ointment, anti-freeze paste etc.), daily chemicals (toothpaste, shoes polish oil, moisturizer lotion, liptstick etc.), food (sesame paste, sweet sauce, tomato sauce, cream etc.), chemical (glass latex sealant latex, white latex paint, ink and oil paint, coating etc.), lubricant oil and special industrial paste.

Liquid Filler Feature

This machine is belonged to semi-automatic piston type filling machine for viscosity.
Filling quantity and speed can be adjusted.
Easy to operate, with high accuracy, simple to maintain and clean.
Pneumatic parts: normally adopt Airtac brand, also can choose FESTO,
Can set manual or automatic mode.
With good structure, easy to remove & installation.
Material contact part with SUS316, meet GMP operational standard.
With excellent design, with platform and small structure to save installtion space.
Be suitable for various products with small weight.
Seal parts with silicone rubber which with high anti-abrasion, anti-head, anti-acid, anti-corrosion function, with fuorine rubber which is high anti-abrasion, anti-resistance, anti-acid, and anti-corrosive.
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TypeFilling RangeFilling Accuracy (%)Filling Speed (pcs/min)Air Supply (L/min)Power SupplyDimension (mm)Weight
FM-SMT/10010-100g±110-3588AC 220V / 50hz950x260x6026kg
FM-SMT/25030-250g±110-35113AC 220V / 50hz950x260x73028kg
FM-SMT/500100-500g±110-35230AC 220V / 50hz1030x260x77531kg
FM-SMT/1000200-1000g±110-35335AC 220V / 50hz1250x260x85033kg
FM-SMT/50001000-5000g±15-15415AC 220V / 50hz1450x260x90055kg
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