The AWE Group has built its reputation as a leading supplier of robust
Packaging & Bulk Handling Equipment & Weighing Solutions.

The AWE Group manufactures filling, sealing to palletising lines, as well as designing complete plant lines. So if you have questions about factory layout and packaging equipment, then talk to The AWE Group about our solutions. Call or email us today and find out how our sales team and project engineers can assist you in finding the best Packing, Bagging & Material Handling solution for your needs.

Jeff & Trevor Baillie started AWE in 1981, focusing on weighing & packaging solutions based on engineering principles. For the last 30 years AWE has built its reputation as a leading supplier of robust Packaging & Bulk Handling Equipment. Our innovative engineering, and continuous product improvement have led to designs that will stand up to the rigors and demands your product line will throw at it.

AWE Group’s Bulk Handling & Packaging Machinery can reduce or eliminate the need to manually perform repetitive tasks of filling, packaging and palletising.

We know that one size does not fit all. If our ‘Out-of-the-box’ equipment does not suit your needs, then talk to us about a custom solution. We are ready & able to engineer a cost effective design based on our 30 years experience.

The biggest compliment we hear is, “Your packaging equipment is Over-Engineered”. Our response: “The AWE Group knows most packaging equipment operates in a harsh environment. They cop a pounding. We must engineer to survive these conditions, the AWE Group understands our reputation depends on this. So we prefer to build our packaging equipment based on our experience to anticipate and cope with the harsh conditions of factory life.”

AWE Group’s bulk handling & packaging equipment is built to “Our Standards” to Protect Your Investment.

Based on this experience, we’re constantly called in, to consult on setting up product lines, tailored to suit unique packaging and bulk handling applications.

The AWE Group’s Investment in the Future:

To help provide quality Bulk Handling & Packaging solution, we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities to give us over 3,200 square metres factory space in Sydney with these facilities:

  • A CNC Machine Shop
  • Bending & Rolling Shop
  • Heavy Metal Fabrication Shop
  • Plus further room for our team of qualified tradesman

Acquisitions of AWE, Dendy Packaging and Design Engineering increased our packaging and engineering experience.

In 2008, The AWE Group establish a manufacturing facilities in China – China Weighing and Bulk Materials Handling Equipment.

China Weighing And Packaging Machinery, currently occupies a purpose built 2,300 m2 factory in Suzhou China.

All Equipment is Australian designed and manufactured under The AWE Group’s strict quality control system in our own factories both locally and internationally.

The AWE Group Guarantee:

We supply and backup what they sell – That’s a Guarantee from the manufacture.

Our directors stand by all the equipment we sell.  If it’s not suitable or doesn’t work, we will fix it, replace it or you don’t pay.

To deliver on our commitment of providing quality,reliable packaging and bulk handling equipment, The AWE Group understands its more than just delivering a well built & designed packaging machine. it also requires a team of dedicated people who care and are there to back you up with great Service & Support.

The quality of our team sets as apart. Most companies choose to outsource these services to contractors, or buy machinery from overseas as a so called agent. They do not have the knowledge base to support or maintain their equipment long term.

AWE Group’s solutions are designed to fit your factory systems, to do this requires a team of professional trained tradesmen.

When The AWE Group starts building your packaging equipment, an army of skilled tradesmen and engineers, design and manufacture your purpose built packaging equipment.

Our Team Of Professional Trained Tradesmen:

  • Licensed Tradesmen
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Draftsmen
  • Fitter & Turners
  • Boilermakers
  • Fully Qualified Scale Makers
  • Electronic Technicians
  • Instrument Fitters
  • Electricians
  • Service Technicians
  • Project Managers
  • Formworkers
  • Concreters

They are all lead by your own personal project manager assigned to make your project run smoothly. Which means there’s one point of contact, you won’t get the run around.They’re responsible for managing the design team, installation, commissioning and documenting your project.

Reliability Is The Cornerstone Of The AWE Group:

The AWE Group’s bulk materials handling and packaging equipment is designed for Australian conditions and a lifetime of heavy duty filling, bagging & packing. Our proven and robust designs are engineered and manufactured in house, to the highest standards to provide our customers with a lifetime of reliable and accurate service.
In the unlikely case of breakdown, we know downtime is costly and service is required, quickly with accurate attention.

The AWE Group’s Service Technicians Are On Call 24/7 ,
Because We Know Breakdowns Don’t Always Happen In Business Hours.

The service guys are there when you need them. When your line goes down, 5.00pm on Friday. You need technician to turn up. or If you need them at 11pm Saturday they will be there. That’s a promise, because we stand behind our equipment.



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