Portable High Accuracy Total Vehicle & Axle Weighing

Fast Set Up – Minimal Downtime

Made for dependable, high accuracy axle & total vehicle weighing. No moving parts to wear out and spares are readily available.

Axle total weight display also available.

AML Portable Weighbridge Key Features:

  • Low Profile Design (210mm High)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Choose Between Galvanized or Painted Finish
  • Portable Design – Can Be Moved Easily
  • Loadcell Components Protected from Hazards
  • Detachable Headwork
  • Trade Versions Available
  • Fast User Friendly Installations
  • High Capacity Loadcells with 100% Overload Factor
  • Hermetically Sealed Loadcells
  • Rechargeable Battery Operated
  • These Pads May Be Lifted Into Position With a Forklift
  • And Set Down On Hand Compacted Surfaces

Loadcell Capacity
25 Tonne (per loadcell)
30 Tonne (per loadcell)
Overload Capacity
Temperature Compensation
-10˚C to +50˚C
Length Per Module
4500 mm
Width Per Module
1450 mm
Weighbridge Accuracy
Weighbridge Capacity
30 Tonne per module (up to 10 Modules)
Weighbridge resolution opt
5 kg
10 kg
(4 as Standard Length)
3,000 mm Length
1,500 mm Width

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