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Importance of Weighing Equipment in Food Processing

Weighing equipment is considered to be an essential part of the food production process. Weighing applications are usually found all over food processing factories as they are used as early in the production process including weighing of incoming products, to weighing, and then later on labeling of finished goods before they are ready for inventory. Weighing all the ingredients and the finished goods are also required for quality compliance as all ingredients must be weighed for product specifications and quality requirements. This ensures that all finished products are distributed equally and that they taste the same in every batch. 

Pelican Scale

Using weighing equipment helps manufacturers comply with production requirements. This also helps reduce the risk of creating defective or out-of-spec products which could potentially jeopardize the health of consumers and might result in unwanted fines and fees for non-compliance with food service regulations. This is why it’s extremely important to invest in high-quality, reliable, and accurate weighing scales and equipment.  All these inconveniences would be avoided only with the technology that drives high volume production- the industrial scale. If you are unable to provide reliable and correct measurements of ingredients, you would be unable to achieve the look, taste, and consistency of your final products. 

When everything in your operations is operating efficiently and smoothly, the overall quality of your finished goods increases while the amount of raw material used decreases, which means lesser manufacturing costs and waste for you. That is where industrial scales come to the rescue- keeping everything running smoothly while making sure that formulas are strictly followed.

If you don’t have proper weighing in your operations, imagine what would happen when your dry ingredients are not properly measured or combined. You would get lumpy mixtures which means the misshapen appearance of products and oversized goods that won’t even fit your packaging. Even liquid and powder ingredients need proper weighing. Imagine what would happen if you add the wrong amount of powder to your mixture, you would get lumps or leftover powder in the product. This is not just unappealing to your consumers, but also wasteful on your end. 

Using Weighing Equipment in Food Processing

In food processing, it is a must that the right amount of ingredients go into every packaging. Designed to fit on benches, the AWE Group’s Bench Scales are your best friend when it comes to this process as they are ideal for all-around general-purpose weighing, from checking to dividing food portion sizes in the kitchen at your home, office, restaurant, farm or zoo. Bench Scales don’t take up too much room with a range of 3-60kg. They can be Trade Approved or a Counting Scale, with models featuring a stainless steel platform, while others are washdown scales; perfect for the food or restaurants.

Once they are individually packed, the products should be properly distributed to the right places. It is vital to make sure that trucks don’t go overcapacity. This is where the AWE Group’s  Large and Small Platform Floor Scales are perfectly paired, providing heavy-duty platform solutions. These solutions allow you to minimize human error and automate the collection and transfer of data for faster business processes.

To maintain good hygiene, correct food safety while complying with the rules, find the perfect food processing scale for your business.

Questions About Scales in Food Processing?

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