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Why Your Transport Business Must Have Weighbridges

weighbridge on heavy duty vehicles

May it be via air, land or sea, accuracy highly affects the success of any logistics and transport business. Since accurate weight is the basis in calculating the price of the service, having a weighbridges equipment is a must to get the correct cost and duration of any product transport.

This is where a Weighbridges comes to the rescue. Any company that deals with movements of loads are required to have a weighbridge for a lot of reasons. Imagine the number of processes a product has to go through, from going through shipment warehouses to ports to your homes and offices.Weighbridges help in getting the accurate measurement of loads that are being delivered via trucks. Weighbridges are also designed with a variety of features such as quick recording and capturing truck weights and their loads. These activities require speedy measurement of the load without compromising precision in accuracy. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in violations for overloading or loose payload revenues.

Nowadays, weighbridges have incorporated computer technology in their features which means less time is consumed to weigh trucks and loads. The days where the only option was the manual entry of data in weighbridges is long behind. With the advances in technology, data collection and weighing is automatic.These advanced systems also have large internal memories to carry truckload information needed for certain processes which gives owners and operators enough information in making decisions. Thanks to these added features, transporting one load after the other is done faster and easier with no delays in weighing and shipment.

How can a Weighbridge Optimize Your Transport Operations?

This is one of the example of weighbridge optimization on transport.
  • It saves you time and money. With a weighbridge in your operations, your initial investment is paid off in cost savings that only grows the more you use your scale. Designed to minimize damage to the trucks while goods are being weighed, a weighbridge also saves you money on repair costs and vehicle maintenance due to overloading. Finally, if you keep your weight readings accurate, you will avoid expensive penalties and fines caused by both overloaded and underloaded vehicles.
  • It provides accuracy. With the load cells installed in a weighbridge, taking multiple measurement readings is possible- even while your truck is passing over it. After that, the readings are collected and processed, before an accurate readout of the vehicle’s weight is displayed.
  • It improves efficiency. The new designs of weighbridges usually include special features to reduce the time, cost and labor of your overall weighing operations. Some of the options you can choose from includes alerts for overloading and underloading, user-specified displays, automatic classification of vehicles, real-time data sharing, and so much more.
  • It improves safety. It is only just and right for employees to feel safe in any workplace for them to function to their fullest potential. A weighbridge provides operators the assurance that the vehicle they are operating is fully compliant and is perfectly fit for the purpose it is being used. Nothing beats having peace of mind.

How Can Calibration Help Weighbridges?

Example of how they calibrate weighbridge

If you believe that the weighbridge you are currently using is not accurate enough, it might be a sign for calibration. Regular calibration of your measuring device plays a huge role in the smooth functioning of your operations, as well as the profitability of your business. It is easy to calculate the annual costs of the calibration process, including equipment and labor and conclude that calibration requires money to be spent. It is, however, difficult to calculate the costs of not calibrating enough, or making bad calibrations. If you want to avoid these unwanted and unnecessary costs, it naturally takes resources and investments to be made. 

Questions About Weighbridges?

Choosing a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer to install and maintain your weighbridge and other weighing equipment is also a big factor. If you have trained professionals that you can call anytime of the day, you can avoid downtime and expensive emergency breakdowns. For questions regarding Weighbridges or Weighbridge Calibration Services, talk to the Top Weighing Equipment Technicians in Australia, Australian Weighing EquipmentAt The AWE Group, we consider the cost of calibration as an investment for your business’ future. 

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