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The Australian Weighing Equipment Group Is Still Servicing During COVID-19.

During these uncertain times, one thing is certain: Our service doesn’t stop during Lockdown.

Australian Weighing Equipment or The AWE Group shows their continued commitment to providing quality and reliable Calibration service for Scales and Weighbridges with increased safety measures and health protocols in place to help keep the COVID-19 cases down. 

Regular calibration of your measuring device plays a huge role in the smooth functioning of your operations, as well as the profitability of your business. It is important to have your equipment checked even in the middle of the pandemic, or during a lockdown because the results of overlooking calibration doesn’t just involve increased production costs due to manufacturing errors- it can also lead to increased plant shutdowns and early breakage of equipment. 

In Need Of Weighing Equipment and Weighbridges Calibration Services? 

Our Technicians Follow These Protocols:

  • Getting tested regularly
  • Wearing of face masks
  • Wearing of new pairs of gloves at the start of every job
  • Remaining at a safe distance away from you and your family members
  • Observing contactless gestures
  • Using hand sanitizer in between jobs
  • Disinfecting all tools brought into the workspace

Preventive maintenance plays an important role in extending the life of your weighing scales. Choosing a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer to install and maintain your weighing equipment is also a big factor. If you have trained professionals that you can call anytime of the day who are observing safety measures and health protocols, you can avoid downtime and expensive emergency breakdowns. For questions regarding Calibration Services, talk to the Top Weighing Equipment Technicians in Australia, Australian Weighing EquipmentAt The AWE Group, we consider the cost of calibration as an investment for your business’ future. 

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