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Your CNC Machining Guide: An Introduction To CNC Machining

What is CNC Machining?

In any industry nowadays, the use of precise parts created by machines such as custom-made parts from fabrications or raw materials are widely common ever since the Computer Numerical Control or CNC became popular in the latter half of the 20th century, forever changing the way machine shops operate.

CNC machining is one of the best accurate cutting tool nowadays.
Laser craft machine cutting plywood

Just like any other traditional machining, CNC Machining performs the same function. It has the same goal which is to remove a certain material through high speed, precision machines that use a wide variety of cutting tools to create the final design. This includes cutting, milling, drilling and more metal forming actions. The only difference that CNC Machining has over traditional machining is the fact that it is technologically advanced- instead of manual control, CNC Machining uses computer numerical control. Through pre-programmed software, CNC Machining can tell a specific machine that is connected to the software, the ways to extract a certain material from another block material. Thanks to the advanced technology which allows control and automation of machine tools, CNC Machining guides the operator in removing chunks of material from a specific workpiece. This applies to tons of materials including wood, metal, glass, and even plastics.

What Are The Benefits Of CNC Machining?

  • It is fast and efficient.

Thanks to CNC Machining, your CNC machine can be programmed to run for as long as 24 hour for the entire week with turnaround for components that can be as quick as one day. 

  • It is cost effective.

If the batch production and shipment of your components are properly designated, your business can minimize waste and inventory costs. A CNC machine can run non-stop which means that the process of loading and unloading of materials is automated. And since it only takes one operator to run several machines, your business can offset labour costs.

  • It is reliable and accurate.

A CNC machine’s speed, accuracy and precision cannot be matched by a normal human being as much as we try. This is especially important in environments with high production environments. Deadlines can be met within a short span of time including shipping and delivery.

  • It is broad and flexible.

A CNC machine can process a huge number of materials compared to other manufacturing processes in the market. A CNC machine gives designers the option to choose the best material based on their needs, all while considering the cost and amount.

CNC machining top notch technology in cutting different kinds of surfaces
Metallic detail of lathe machine over working surface

What Are The Processes Under CNC Machining?

  • Milling- An operation where the cutting tool rotates while removing chips from it.
  • Turning– The opposite of milling; instead of cutting, it is rotating.
  • Drilling- This means using the tip of the tool to produce a hole
  • Boring– This operation removes the material to form an accurately inner cavity in a workpiece.
  • Broaching–  Materials are removed with a series of shallow cuts.
  • Sawing– A narrow slit is carved in a workpiece using a blade.

Looking For A Reliable CNC Machining Supplier?

High speed CNC machining accurate cutting tool that can be used today. Visit to get a quote!!!
CNC Laser cutting of metal close up, modern industrial technology. Small depth of field.

Leave it to the Top Weighing Equipment Technicians in Australia, Australian Weighing Equipment in providing the latest software and machinery for your business, including CNC Machining. The AWE Group has built a large customer base thanks to 40 years of experience and has established an excellent reputation when it comes to high quality CNC service. 

The AWE Group’s modern CNC’s give the capability for one hit machining of complex components- therefore eliminating all secondary operations. The AWE Group’s fixed head CNC benefits from quick set-up times for short production runs, all while keeping prices down on simpler high volume turned components The AWE Group also offers advice, development and prototyping and can work closely with clients to develop and turn your ideas into reality.

The AWE Group’s CNC Machining services include:

  • CNC Custom Fabrication
  • Parts Re-manufacturing / Reverse Engineering
  • Prototyping and Repairs
  • Welding (in-house and on-site)
  • Consulting Solutions for your Design and Fabrication Problems
  • Grinding
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Fabrication & Engineering
  • Press tooling

At the AWE Group, we consider the cost of CNC Machining as an investment for your business’ future. Talk to us:

Sydney and NSW Office (1 300 044 044)

Queensland Office (07 3423 1388)Victoria Office (+61) 3 9330 1011

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