Which Bags Can Your Pinch Bag Closer Use?

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If your using a Pinch Bag Closer & Sealing System, then sack quality will have a direct influence on your overall productivity. Don’t take short cuts with your Pinch Bag Closer Systems, because using cheap inferior sacks will cause inconsistent results.

PBC Pinch Bag Closer is designed to handle bags up to an overall width of 620mm or 24½ inches. The PBC can take various bags length and has 200mm height adjustable legs. There is also room to play with the bag support platform/rollers or conveyor able to be adjusted to suit your needs. The critical factor in bag length is making sure it is long enough to fit the contents with enough head space.

You should expect your Pinch Bag Closer to process 5,  2 Ply paper bags per minute. The packing speed is subject to many variation such as Conveyor Speed, Type of product to be filled, Filling Time and how long it takes to weigh the filled bag. The Pinch Bag Closer is designed to seal and close stepped end bags. These bags may be either flat tube, gusseted, with block or pinch type bottoms.

A pinch bag is a multi-wall paper bag, open mouth, stepped end and pre-glued. With these bags, the glue is pre-applied during the production of the bag itself and then reactivated after filling, by hot air during the closing process. Pinch bottom bags provide siftproof integrity, even for fine powders. The sift-proof systems prevents the product escaping, while protecting the package against contamination from foreign particles, insects or moisture.

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth The staggered plies, or stepped-end design, provides a strong sift proof closure on both ends of the bag, of the staggered plies, or stepped-end design. They work well on Pinch Bag Closer.

PBOM bags are not recommended for products with inconsistent density, because the length of a PBOM is fixed by the stepping and pre-applied hot melt. Unlike flush cut open mouth bag style that can be trimmed prior to closing.

If you’re using unlined bags, then the sealing function on the PBC is not required and the machine only closes the bag. (‘Close only’ as a setting in the HMI Screen)

These stepped-end flaps bags usually have fold over between 40mm and 50mm (1⅝ – 2 inches). This feature differs slightly between bag manufacturers.

Pasted Open Mouth bags are a flat tube paper bag with a factory formed, Pasted satchel style bottom. Once filled, the satchel bottom serves as a flat, square base. There are no gussets on this bag. POM bags are either sewn closed after filling, or folded and glued. The flush-cut end, makes the POM bag suitable for products with variable density because the bag length can can expand with room and head space.

Required Electrical
AWE Model Pinch Bag Closer PBC Series requires 240V, and operates on both 50 Hz. It only needs Single Phase and a 15 Amp Supply.  Other Power configuration available.

Required Air Pressure
AWE Model Pinch Bag Closer PBC Series needs clean, cool dry air supplied at 80 PSI (5.52 bar) at 27 Litres (1 CuFt) per cycle. The air supply hose should be 20mm.


PBC Pinch Bag Closer Technical Specifications

ModelPBC (Pinch Bag Closer)
SpeedUp to 3 Sacks per minute
Suitable Bag
Width: 620mm (max)
Height: 956mm +_ 100 mm adjustable up 200mm
Freeboard Above
Bag TypesPOBM, (POM – Option) Flat Stepped End Bags up
to 250mm With single layer polyethylene liners
Air ConsumptionNeeds clean, cool dry air supplied at 80 PSI (5.52
bar) at 27 Litres (1 CFM) per cycle
Power240V AC 50 Hz 15 Amps Single Phase (Other
Power configuration available)
Weight150 kg