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Crane Test Weight Hire Service

We Offer An Extensive Range Of Crane Test Weight Hire Services

We Have The Widest Range Of Fully Calibrated Weights From 1kg to 220 Tonnes.

We have the largest range of certified Hire Test Weights and support hardware in the Southern Hemisphere. Plus, we have access to 240-Tonne of 1-Tonne certified masses covered by REG 13 certificates. This means you can achieve any weight permutation, or deal with the most complicated test load requirements.

Key Features:
  • Time saving

    They’re mobile and easy transportable, so you get the weight you need in its position quickly.

  • Saves money

    We give you easy to access to Crane Testing Weights. Speed up Crane Testing Process & reduce downtime.

  • We cover East Coast Australia

    We have 3 locations along the East Coast of Australia. However, we can deliver weights to any site in the country. If you prefer to arrange for a pick up, we have full loading facilities to load your weights efficiently & safely with minimal fuss.

The Largest Range Of Certified Hire Test Weights

The AWE group also has available for hire a large range of cradles, slings, chains and shackles for lifting our masses. We have a number of straightlift frames which may be loaded with up to 80 Tonne of mass. We can also design and manufacture a custom lifting-frame for your special requirement needs. Transport solutions include a door-to-door service using AWE’s purpose built test trucks. These Test Weight Truck rigs have hiab and forklift capability.


Order CodeDescription Max.Lift @ 60
SLING4ARMCSH4 Arm with Chain Shortening – Lifts 4 x 1 Tonne Loads5.4 Tonne
SLING4ARMC4 Arm with Chain – Lifts 4 x 5 Tonne Loads20 Tonne
SLING2ARMCSH2 Arm with Chain Shortening14 Tonne
SLINGROPENylon Rope Sling1 Tonne

Test Truck and Trailer
Test Masses

Order CodeCapacityDescription
TRUCKRIG110t + 12t (Truck Tare)Hiab 1t @ 2.4m Reach
TRUCKTRAILER1v10t + 6t (TrailerTare)Hauled by Rig 1, 2t Forklift Option
TRUCKRIG212t + 10t (Truck Tare)No Hiab
TRUCKTRAILER210t + 6t (TrailerTare)Hauled by Rig 2, 2t Forklift Option

Frames & Cradles – Dead Weight Crane Test Frames

Order CodeCradles/CarriagesCapacityTypicalDimensions(L x W x H)Comment
HWCRADLE350HandWeightCradle350kg600mm x250mm x520mmLifting Frame
LIFTFRAME1LiftingFrame35t2870mm x2100mm x2250mmTare is 1250kgIncluding Chains -Lifting Eye 70 Dia
LIFTFRAME2LiftingFrame50t5049mm x2060mm x2250mmTare is 1750kgIncluding Chains -Lifting Eye 70 Dia
LIFTFRAME3LiftingFrame80t3970mm x2570mm x3300mmTare is 1650kgIncluding Chains -Lifting Eye 70 Dia
RAILWEIGHCARail WeighCarriage30t2100mm x3400mTare is 1734kg -Electric Drive viaOnboard generatorPack (Unlead)Max load 75,00kg


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