Amazing 0.1% accuracy of machine capacity.

Ultimate accuracy on the go.

The Precision Onboard Weighing System is our highest accuracy weighing system,
offering an amazing 0.1% accuracy of machine capacity.

It is designed to increase the efficiency of your business – the system captures the weight of a load as it is lifted, saving the operator performing secondary tasks of weighing goods on floor scales or a weighbridge.

The solid state design is virtually maintenance free with no moving parts, hydraulics or electro-mechanical devices to service, and is built tough to withstand the rigours of your applications.

The Precision System is suitable for forklifts and reach trucks, and you can add peripheral devices such as printers to customise the weigher to suit your business needs.

Top Features of the Precision System:
  • High accuracy up to ± 0.1%
  • Load capacity 1000 – 2500 KG (Class II)
  • Huge front-loading safety factor
  • Industrial quality machined steel & measuring devices (load cells)
  • Fits all Class II cleated carriages
  • Factory calibrated under strict quality controls
  • Electronic scale + indicator
  • Built-in overload alarm
  • Wireless carriage (option) – eliminates damage to coiled + cable weighing instruments
  • Easy to use with operator-friendly buttons
  • Industrial shock mounting
  • Easy install + retro-fitting to new forklifts
  • Forklift operator easy-view to tynes

CompatibilitySuits all class II forklifts with cleat or hook carriage.
Capacity1000-2500kg (Class II)
Painted (auto grade)
DurabilityArmour plated, overload protected
Accuracy±0.1% of capacity
1000(w) x 410(h) x 100 (thk). Other widths to order
Safety Factor400% of capacity (all directions)
Load Centre LossDerate lift capacity 8% (Nominal)
Fitting TimeFour (4) hours typically
OptionsHeat shield, quick fit couplings, pattern variations
Style Microprocessor based, digital display
Display20mm hi-temp liquid crystal (LCD)
MountingUniversal, rubber shock mounting
ResponseWithin 1 sec.
Accuracy0.05% of range
Power9vDC - 70vDC
EnvironmentalGasketed, watertight construction, shock proof
FeaturesOn-off, zero/tare, hold, overload alarm, damping conditioner, zero tracking.
OptionsTotalising, counting, printing, radio link, tare entry.

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