Dickson Mechanical Bench Scales – 2 models

30 kg -100 g or 50 kg – 200 g

240 mm dial face, with perspex protective cover. Plate Size 300mm x 300mm. It has quality spring mechanism & easy zero adjustment

Dickson Mechanical Bench Scale Key Features:

  • 2 models – 30 kg Model with 100 g increments and 50 kg Model with 200 g increments
  • Easy to read 240 mm dial face, with perspex protective cover
  • Plate Size 300mm x 300mm
  • It has reliable spring mechanism, for high accuracy
  • Easy Zero adjustment

Dickson Mechanical Bench Scale Models:

ModelDial Diameter (mm)CapacityPlate Size (mm)
DV-1000F1621 kg x 5 g178 x 156
DV-203F1623 kg x 5 g194 x 178
DV-205F1625 kg x 20 g194 x 178
DV-310F20010 kg x 50 g250 x 250
DV-320F20020 kg x 100 g250 x 250
DV-330F20030 kg x 100 g250 x 280
DV-350F25550 kg x 100 g302 x 302
DV-3100F260100 kg x 250 g400 x 330

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