Fast & Accurate Product Weight Checking

Keep your products fair-trade compliant with the AAC7 Checkweigher

Stay Legally Compliant with the AAC7 Checkweigher

By law, every product you ship needs reflect what is printed on your product label. Staying compliant means each package weighs equal to or greater than the product’s label weight.

However checking product weight for legal compliance can slow down production. Every second spent weighing, could be time spent packing & shipping.

While there’s no magic solution currently to by-pass checkweighing, you can get your products out the door faster with the AAC7 Checkweigher.

Key Features of the AAC7 Checkweigher:

  • Advanced high speed digital signal processing for accurate weighing
  • Special stable frame to ensure accuracy whilst the the checkweigher is running
  • Reject Arm/Blower for Under/Over weight packages
  • Easy belt adjustment
  • Strong data statistic functions
  • 2 KG capacity product checking

Weighing Range
60 bags/min
120 bags/min
60 bags/min
± 0.2g
± 0.5g
± 0.5g
220V – 260V 50Hz
Packing size (mm)
1120(L) ×1090(W) ×1440(H)

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