World’s most user-friendly
Four Setpoint Weighing Indicator/Controller

The GS2750 can be used in virtually any batching situation from simple four material setpoints to computer controlled batching with downloaded setpoints.

Ideal for applications requiring
set-point alarms or weigh feeder controls

  • Versatile

    • Simple level control
    • Alarms
    • Batch controlling four single speed feeders or two dual speed feeders.

  • Customisable

    Options include: High stability analogue output cards & Serial I/O cards.

  • Accurate

    The GS2750 is reliable and can even provide accurate readings through galvanic barriers.

The GS2750 is the ideal Batch Controller for any application requiring set point alarms or weigh feeder controls.

It’s versatile, intelligent, user configurable with a low cost.  A wide range of Options which include High Stability Analog Output Cards and Serial I/O Cards expand the GS2750′s capabilities.

The GS2750 will operate accurately and reliably in Intrinsic Safety applications through Galvanic Barriers (call for circuit examples).


GS2750 Technical Specifications: