Dual Setpoint Indicator
for Industrial Batch Weighing
& Process Level Control Applications

The GS2100 is a high performance microprocessor based, dual setpoint indicator designed specifically for use in a wide range of industrial batch weighing
and process level control applications.

The basic GS2100 comprises a load cell amplifier and A/D converter, 2 user configurable output relays, a CPU watchdog circuit and a front panel keyboard display all under control of the microprocessor CPU.

An optional high precision analogue output may be fitted providing simultaneous 4 to 20mA & 0 to 10VDC (or customized) output of displayed gross or net weight for recording and control. The 2 relay outputs are controlled by individual set points that can be configured to act in a variety of ways.

The GS2100 can act on increasing or decreasing weight and can be used for high & low level alarm control or batching in/out applications.

Key Features of the GS2100:
  • Two (2) User configurable relay outputs
  • 48000 division internal resolution
  • 10,000 display divisions
  • Count by 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 & 5
  • Full function sealed keyboard
  • CPU Watchdog Circuit
  • Rugged all metal enclosure
  • RFI and EMI Protected
  • Optional 12 & 14 Bit Analog Outputs

General: All metal desk and panel mounting enclosure. 14mm high 7 segmented high intensity red LED display to a maximum of 199,990

GS2100 Dual Setpoint Indicator
Front198mm W x 96mm H
Cut Out186mm W x 92mm H
Body184mm W x 90mm H x 246mm
Power100, 110, 117, 200, 220, 240VAC (+/- 10%) 49 to 62Hz, 15VA


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