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ASP Automatic Sack Placer

Reduce Or Eliminate The Need To Manually Perform Repetitive Tasks Of Filling Bags

The ASP Automatic Sack Placer has the Lowest ‘Cost of Ownership’ in its class, because it will reduce time and labour to fill valve bags.

AWE’s Automatic Sack Placer ASP Series can reduce or eliminate the need to manually perform
repetitive tasks of filling bags. The Sack Placer takes the bag from a magazine of bags and via a vacuum and mechanical movement system opens the bag and places it under the filling spout.

Filling your bags becomes a fast and reliable operation, capable of handling paper, plastic, WPP and laminated sacks. AWE Packaging Sack Placer automates the placement and opening of open mouth bags to new or existing bagging systems.

It is also possible to combine with further AWE Packaging products and to create a complete filling, sealing to palletizing line.

Clients Include:

  • Pioneeer Seeds
  • Inghams
  • Cheetham Salts
  • Bradwood Packaging

We guarantees our solutions and products. Using our 30 years experience manufacturing Packaging Equipment, we’re able to draw from our armoury to customise solutions that suiting your processes.
Bradwood Packaging uses universal and industrial components to give the machinery extra long life cycles the way machinery should be built (this way you’re not locked into expensive proprietary systems).
Manufactured to comply with Australian and International standards.
Bradwood Packaging prides itself on providing plain English proposals, with no hidden surprises. You’ll know what you’re getting.
Bradwood Packaging manufactures complete lines from filling & sealing through to palletising.

Your ASP series Automatic Sack Placer can handle up to 6 Paper plastic or Woven Polypropylene Sacks every minute, 360 times an hour.

The bags are loaded manually into the magazine conveyor in 100mm piles.

  • Minimum bag size 200mm x 350mm
  • Maximum bag size 600mm x 1,000mm
  • Other Sizes can be accommodated for after consulting with AWE Group Sales Engineers
  • ASP Automatic Sack Placer is designed to work with your existing or new production line
  • High throughput achieved, because it ensures rapid, stable, transfer from bag magazine to bag clamp
  • Easy clean out and changeover of different sizes bags
  • Manufactured to comply above and beyond Australian standards
  • Universal and industrial components give the machinery extra long life cycles and parts being readily available from multiple suppliers. The way machinery should be built
  • You don’t have to worry about dusty environments because your pneumatic and electrical control equipment are protected in positive pressure housing
  • The Control System is based on the latest the PLC technology, linked to touch screen HMI controls
  • Quick and easy commissioning due to single piece shipping and factory pretesting. Just uncrate plug and connect it air and power and you’re ready to go
  • Operator friendly easy set and forget controls, control panel allows operator to test all functions on the Sack Placer, which also allows for diagnosis and easy trouble shooting
  • This automatic bag placer can be upgraded to a fully automated bagging systems. Our equipment can integrate with automatic bag formers, neck stretchers, feed systems, conveyors, and further automation

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We guarantee our solutions and products.

For over 40 years we’ve been manufacturing weighing systems. We have provided customised business solutions for a wide range of industries. We believe in presenting clear proposals with no hidden surprises. So you’ll know what you’re getting up front.

If you have questions about weighing solutions, come talk to us.
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