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Viking Hot Air Sealer

The Viking Hot Air Sealer has the Lowest ‘Cost of Ownership’ in its class, because it allows fast, efficient inline sealing of open-mouth bags. Saving you time and money.

The Bradwood Packaging Viking Hot Air Sealer works on the principle of heat transfer by hot air jet streams.

The Viking Hot Air Sealer drives circulating air into a heating chamber passing over a heating cartridge, which directs heat to the area to be sealed. To give a consistent seal, a set of knurled rollers applies pressure, and once cooled, the plastic bonds together sealing the mouth of the bag.

The Viking’s stainless steel construction makes it suitable for packaging an array of products. It can be factory configured to suit Right to Left, or Left to Right operations, to suit your production line.

  • Bradwood Packaging guarantees our solutions and products. Using our 30 years experience manufacturing Packaging Equipment, we’re able to draw from our armoury to customise solutions, suiting your processes.
  • Bradwood Packaging uses universal and industrial components to give the machinery extra long life cycles the way machinery should be built (this way you’re not locked into expensive proprietary systems).
  • Manufactured to comply with Australian and International standards.
  • Bradwood Packaging prides itself on providing plain English proposals, with no hidden surprises. You’ll know what you’re getting.
  • Bradwood Packaging manufactures complete lines from filling & sealing through to palletising.

The Viking Hot Air Sealer was designed and built to seal polyethylene, coated, laminated or even complex bags with a polyethylene inner liner. It’s quick and easy to change to different bags, because of its easy height-adjustable stand & quick set PID Temperature Control.

The feed rate through the sealer can be changed easily to match your existing conveyor system or production line, via a set & forget (VFD) Variable Frequency Drive.

  1. Using the temperature controller, the correct temperature is set to suit the thickness of bags being sealed.
  2. The In-feed section guides the leading edge of the filled plastic bag to the feed belts where it is gripped and supported through the sealer.
  3. The bag then travels through four streams of “hot air” to create a malleable band of plastic which passes between pressure rollers to complete the weld.
  4. Cooling occurs and the seal is complete.
  • The Viking Sealer’s hot air sealing technology eliminates the need for Tefl on Fabric or Steel Teflon coated sealing bands, which means you get quality seals, faster changeover, less downtime & increased reliability with greater flexibility
  • Get consistent seals every time because of the Automatic PID temperature control
  • Precision Laser cut Stainless Steel construction
  • Large variety of knurled rollers available to suit the bags your using, and seal widths up to 12 mm to meet your bagging needs (Standard 5mm)
  • The adjustable heating bars allow you to seal various thickness of bags (up to 250 Microns)
  • Plug & play setup
  • It’s easy to match your systems conveyor speeds with the VFD Speed Controller
  • Low profile infeed ensures correct bag presentation
  • All working parts fully accessible
  • No compressed air required
  • Your Viking Sealer has a built in Auto Cool Down function, so it cools faster, reducing overheating of belts.
DimensionsRefer to Dimension Drawing (Page 5)
WeightTotal weight is 128Kg, (Sealer is 73Kg and Stand 55Kg)
BuildRight to Left (standard),Left to Right (optional)
Bag WidthNo Limit 
Voltage200 – 250 v AC, single phase, (100 -120 v on request)
Power1500 w (maximum)
AirNot required for standard configuration
SpeedVariable 2m/min to 20m/min
Bag Type:Flat Polyethylene or plastic bags up to 250 micron thick(may also be suitable for gusset bags, if required, then speak to one of our trained packaging consultants)
Height Below Seal900mm – 1460mm (Above Floor Line)
Seal WidthUp to 12mm (5mm Standard)
Seal TypeCrimped or plain as standard. Other profiles available upon request
Height Above Seal120mm (Max)
Freeboard Above ProductBring bag side together and allow 30mm minimum (typically allow 100mm)

The Viking Hot Air Sealer is designed to seal polyethylene and plastic bags.

The Viking Hot Air Sealer works best for the following ideal applications:

  • Agricultural Applications
  • Building Materials & Aggregates
  • Chemicals & Minerals
  • Pet & Animal Food
  • Food & Pharmaceutical industries
  • So When you order your Viking Sealer, it comes with:
    • A Right to Left Hand Feed (can be built Left to Right)
    • Plug into 200 – 250 v AC Supply
    • 5mm rollers shipped as standard
    • Height Adjustable Stand (Optional)

    The Viking Hot Air Sealer Is A Heavy Duty Industrial Sealer For Sealing Open Mouth Bags

    So, just plug it in and follow the Quick video tutorial and you’re ready to go. We offer optional extras, (refer to the list provided).

    If you have more questions about the Viking Hot Air Sealer then talk to a Bradwood Packaging Sales Engineers.

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  • Conveyors
  • Palletisers
  • Self Leveling Palletisers
  • Gross/Net Weighers
  • Bag Kickers
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