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Intelligent remote display 6500

The Intelligent remote display 6500 is approximately 40 meters, allowing it to be used on most applications requiring a remote display. The digits are a fluorescent yellow on a black background for easy viewing under all lighting conditions.

Not only is the 6500 a very capable remote display, but it also supports AWE Group Net protocols as a network slave, master, or as a summing unit for multiple AWE indicators.

The 6500 has dual serial ports supporting RS- 232/422/485 and 20mA serial current loop to allow it to display data from digital weight indicators, PCs / PLCs,s and other communications devices.

Setup is performed digitally using PCB-mounted buttons and reading the display (similar to digital weight indicators). It can also be done via the serial ports on a Windows-based PC using the innovative Intelligent remote display 6500 Viewer software.

The individual segments have minimal mass to enable fast switching speeds to be achieved together with extreme reliability. These digits aren’t affected by external vibration or shock forces that sometimes cause other types of electromagnetic digits to fail or to be set incorrectly – the coil cores maintain their magnetic state until they are switched again.

There are three annunciators available to show indicator functions like “Motion”, “Centre of Zero” and “Net” mode. The digit segments are arranged into 3 columns of 5 to allow all numeric and most alpha characters to be displayed.

The 6500 will accept a power input between 85 to 264VAC & 47 to 63Hz – completely auto-selecting. This makes it very suitable for use in industrial environments where power and/or frequency fluctuations occur.

The 6500 can also be manually configured on-site to accept data from other indicators or devices if the serial data format is known. The housing is a sturdy aluminum extrusion, sealed to IP66 rating with a laminated shatterproof glass window. The total weight is only 3.4 kg and stainless steel mounting brackets are supplied with the unit.