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Get the Right Indicator for Your Pressure Transducers

The Pressure Transducers, can be configured, for Forklifts, Loaders & Trucks, by changing the indicators. You need an onboard weighing solution, that works with you. For this reason, AWE customizes the software and configure so it compliments your work processes.

You’re not locked into one Indicator, You will have the choice of  GS100P, Safe Weigh and Weight Master Totaliser.. So you’ll get the right indicator for the job. So you will able to to configure your data to what you need to run your business. AWE designs and writes customized software, that works with your processes, rather than making you change your systems to suit Out of the box software. Customized outputs allows your indicator to send & format your data.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be a computer programmer to operate your Onboard Weighing System.

GS100P Indicators For Trucks

GS100P is very power full indicator with compact size and can be easily mounted in the driver cabin.

  • This is the Pressure Transducers of AWE Group
  • This is the Pressure Transducers of AWE Group

✓ It can be powered using the truck battery.
✓ With multiple load cell system you can have a summing box for averaging the input from all load cells to single output, allowing individual Axle Weights, Totals, Groups, Gross/Net etc.
✓ This output is connected to GS100P for digital weight display of the entire system.
✓ It is Pre-calibrated for 0-10,000 counts (2mV/V sensor gain at full scale).
✓ Can be re calibrated using the auto (apply mass) or mV/V method.
✓ Adjustable zero offset and span.
✓ Easy setup Intuitive text prompts facilitate easy setup
✓ Security Calibration and set point functions have independent security code access.
✓ Set points can be used to define the overload and activate alarm system via 4 relay outputs.
✓ Can customize outputs, to suit your requirements
✓ Assured Quality. Through experience, design and in-house production control. Also each Indicator is shipped with a signed and numbered quality certificate.
✓ Weight Indicators of Choice. Gedge Systems Weight Indicators are chosen by more Major Australian Weighbridge & Scale Manufacturers than any other Brand – and for good reason:- Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, Australian Made

Safeweigh Indicator For Forklifts

The ‘Safe Weigh’ onboard weighing system is specially designed to handle Australian needs and conditions. The tough digital solution to your onboard weighing needs.

✓ No Loss Of Lifting Capability
✓ Type Digital with microprocessor control
✓ Capacity Suitable for most forklifts and loaders
✓ Accuracy ±1% of capacity (e.g. if lift capacity is 1000kg then accuracy is 10 kg)
✓ Dimension (mm) 260 (W) x 140 (H) x 90 (D) including bracket
✓ Housing Rating Weatherproof (IPOS)
✓ Display 20mm (H) x 6 digits LCD extended
✓ Backlight LED fibreoptic

Weightmaster Indicators For Loaders

The Weight master instrument has a dual sensor feature and smart software. This allows us to extract the best weighing accuracy from your forklift or front end loader. Our automatic weight trigger has no moving parts and will operate in the most hostile environments. Trigger systems allow automatic speed compensation, an essential feature on loader systems. Expansion options include printers, telemetry, alarm safety interlocks and data logging. With sales exceeding 1000 units you can choose weight master with confidence.

✓ Simple one touch weigh and hold operation
✓ Full function totaliser module with add in, subtract out, total and auto add
✓ Accuracy +/- 1% of forklift capacity
✓ 10-30 volt DC (48v optional)
✓ Auto weigh trigger option
✓ Rugged electronic design
✓ Add/subtract, total feature
✓ No loss of lifting capacity
✓ Rubber mounted bracket
✓ Back lit display

Hermetically Sealed Load Cell