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About Dendy Packaging

The AWE Group have accessed a wider customer base and increased our packaging and engineering experience through the acquisition of DENDY PACKAGING AND DESIGN ENGINEERING.

Design Engineering Pty Limited was formed in 1975, and introduced the first Accrafill machines in Australia. Following this, a new improved weighing system was developed under the name of "DENDY". This new design was granted world patents, also winning an Australian Design Award for its unique and simplified weighing mechanism.

Sales for this new Dendy machine have grown, with machines sold throughout Australia and exported to over 15 countries around the world.

Firstly, we have added Dendy Packaging (Australia) Pty Limited through which we now manufacture and market a range of new machines. Once again, all designed and manufactured by us. Dendy relocated to Brisbane in Queensland, Australia back in 2003, and over the last few years, has been developing a range of new machines to keep pace with technology. One particular packing machine, the Dendy DE50-POM has a unique and patented weighing system that may change the way products are filled and weighed, particularly in the food and stockfeed industries. This new Dendy machine, combined with another Australian invention, the "Olds Elevator," will make the handling and packing of products much easier, eliminating the worry of cross contamination between products, not to mention, the time wasted in stripping down and cleaning of the equipment every time there is a change of product.

We have also added another electronic machine, the Dendy DE50-AV, which will handle, not only valve type bags, but can quickly convert to fill buckets/cartons and open-mouth sacks as well.

I would like to mention, at this point,that we do not manufacture fully-automated machines, and have concentrated our efforts at the lower end of production requirements, with all our machines requiring an operator, and with bagging rates of around 2 to 6 bags per minute. There is an exception, however, where we have a rotary/volumetric unit that can run up to 20 bags per minute on potting mix, for example.

I trust you will find our equipment of interest, and if we can be of assistance to you in improving your packing operations, please drop us a line via our email or phone.


Dendy Packaging


8 Heald Road
Ingleburn, NSW 2565

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