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Paddle Mixer

Widely Used In Applications Where Small Amounts Of Liquid Additives Are Mixed Into Raw Materials

Among Horizontal Mixers, Paddle Mixers are widely used in applications where small amounts of liquid additives are mixed into raw materials. Its high-speed choppers and twin shafts result in excellent homogeneity in the finished product. Paddle mixers meet the needs of high output, large scale mixing of raw materials. 

What You Get With The Paddle Mixer:
  • Paddle Mixers have wide applications in many industries but are highly recommended for wide differences in particle sizes, or extremely differing proportions where high homogeneity is desired.
  • Batch mixing time is only 3-5 minutes for a mixture of differing particle sizes and raw materials. Paddle Mixers are suitable for high output industries.
  • The minimal gap between paddle and vessel ensures mixing efficiency resulting in minimized dead spots and residue.
  • Air purge seal for the main shaft seal performs stably and reliably which results in low maintenance and long service life.
  • High-speed choppers contribute to break lumps and agglomerates easily which is good for mixing efficiency especially for special raw materials or liquid additives.
  • Paddle mixers handles the addition of less than >15% liquid additives into the mixture by spray nozzles achieving high mixing homogeneity results.
  • Pneumatic bomb door for discharge minimizes the discharging time and residues in the vessel. At the same time, it is easy to control the discharge rate by air control box or control panel.
  • The vessel fabrication is stable, robust, easy to install and maintain. The whole mixing process is reliable which results in low maintenance and low wear.
  • Compare with vertical mixer, the plant height demand is lower.
  • For special industries like dry mortar, wear resistance treatment for paddles and choppers is good for machine performance.
  • Optimal mixing homogeneity
  • Short mixing time
  • Excellent reproducibility of batch production
  • Minimum wear and low maintenance
  • Easy access to mixer/ Easy to clean
  • Excellent mixing at any product level
  • Wide applications
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food
  • Pesticide
  • Pigment & Dye
  • Cosmetics
  • Animal Feed
  • Metallurgy
  • Battery
  • Construction Material
  • Ceramic Powder
  • Mining Industry


Order CodeTotal Volume (M3)Loads CoefficientPower (KW) MotorSize (mm)Main Shaft Speed (rpm)
APM-660.4-0.6433050×3250×2100 2929

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