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Benefits Of Testing The Cranes With Certified Test Masses

If you have a newly-installed or recently-repaired crane, you may not realize yet the reasons why it needs to go through an inspection with certified test masses and what kind of crane test weights you need to use. You may think that taking an inspection is time-consuming, but the truth is, it takes longer to repair the same equipment if it breaks down. Equipment failure isn’t just time consuming, it will also bring a stop to the entire worksite operation. Regardless of the benefits that your cranes bring, there is a greater risk when proper precautions are failed to be made. You see, standard safety inspections are more than just for compliance to the law: they will make or break your business, and they are life-saving procedures.

This is the good benefits of testing the cranes, It my sounds time consuming but it will take longer when something break down.

What is Crane Testing?

An ocular inspection doesn’t put a check on everything when it comes to equipment, especially cranes. This is why cranes undergo a series of weight assessments so that a thorough evaluation can take place. The only way to really see the damaged or weak parts in a crane’s unnoticeable areas is when the crane is fully tested in a controlled and supervised environment. Pushing your crane to it’s maximum limit and capacity will show you its reliability and efficiency. Finding out your crane’s defects or weak points during this period is a precautionary measure to any malfunction that might occur while your workers are around. Crane Testing includes a load test where test weights are used to push the crane’s rated load limits as stated in the crane’s operations manual. This load test will use much heavier loads using test weights to guarantee its safety and reliability.

How Will Crane Testing With Certified Test Masses Benefit Me?

Like any other equipment, it’s nearly impossible to inspect a machine when it’s unladen. Hidden problems can only appear when it is functioning. Testing your crane with certified test masses provides you the following advantages:

  • Equipment Failure Avoidance

Minor issues could become major issues when left unresolved. Avoid costly repairs and stop of operation crane testing.

  • Law Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration handles load testing for overhead cranes (OSHA). Get some peace of mind knowing that your crane is safe, your workers are safe, and so is your business.

  • Improved Workplace Safety and Productivity

Making sure that your equipment is in proper working condition and your environment is a safe helps your workers to work to their fullest potential. Knowing that your crane is reliable and builds confidence in the worker’s ability to use the equipment.

  • Enhanced Knowledge On Equipment

During a crane test, useful information on how your crane works and what possible scenario during operations will be provided.

What Are The Advantages of Using Test Weights During Testing?

Australian Weighing Equipment or The Awe Group has the largest range of certified Hire Test Weights and support hardware in the Southern Hemisphere. They have access to over 240-Tonne of 1-Tonne certified masses covered by REG 13 certificates and a range of fully-calibrated weights from 1kg to 220 tonnes. This means you can achieve any weight permutation, or deal with the most complicated test load requirements.

  • Save Time

The AWE Group supplies test weights that are compact and easily transportable, so you get the weight you need in its position quickly. Smaller test weights can even be carried by hand by technicians.

  • Save Money

The AWE Group can give you easy access to Crane Testing Weights which can help speed up Crane Testing Process and  reduce downtime.

The AWE Group covers East Coast Australia so delivery of weights to any site in the country is possible. If you prefer to arrange for a pick up, they have full loading facilities to load your weights efficiently and safely with minimal fuss.Transport solutions include a door-to-door service using AWE’s purpose built test trucks. The AWE Group also has a large range of cradles, slings, chains and shackles for lifting masses. They design and manufacture a custom lifting-frame for your special requirement needs. For questions regarding Certified Test Weights For Hire, talk to the Top Weighing Equipment Technicians in Australia, Australian Weighing Equipment. 

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