Bulk Loading & Weighing Systems for Silos. Silo Leveling Systems are designed to indicate product level in the silo, because silos, are built with cone, to prevent bridging in the silo. So as the product flows down the silo, the product levels needs to monitored  & measured.

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  • Foot print fits most silos
  • Special footprints made
  • Zinc plated finish
  • Loadcells standardized
  • Weatherproof (IP65)
  • Guaranteed Accuracy
  • Constrained Assembly
  • Compact instruments
  • Full digital calibration
  • Overload setpoint
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Whether your requirement is for a precision weighing system or a basic indication of tank level, we can engineer a solution from components we carry on the shelf. Our ‘SILO’ series of weatherproof loadcells are manufactured in Australia using reliable strain gauge technology to provide sensors of world standard. Our self check load cell housings include a top and bottom angle plate allowing ease of installation to existing or new silos. The mounts are fully equipped to provide protection against wind shear, under load and overload conditions. The mounts are certified as complying with the structural steel standards.

Our instrumentation is also Australian made and supported. We oer a complete range with essential features like full digital calibration, high level alarms and weatherproof housings. Our optional addons include low cost remote displays, modem access solution and our own software monitoring package.

We manufacture under an ISO 9002 system to ensure a quality product. We guarantee reliability and performance not just in our test rigs but installed under your silos. Our specication is a commitment for silo performance.

Precision Weighing applications include loss in weight batching systems, inventory and check weighing of supplied product. We can achieve
accuracy’s of 0.1% and resolve weights to 1 part in 3000. A loadcell assembly is installed under each support or leg of the silo.

Level Weighing applications include purchasing against silo levels, silo empty discharge control and silo full alarms. This configuration achieves accuracy’s of 1 to 2% and resolutions of 1 part in 500. A single loadcell assembly is installed under one silo leg or support. [/spoiler] [spoiler intro=” Technical Specification »”] To be Supplied [/spoiler][wptabs mode=”horizontal”]

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