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Your Screw Auger Systems Is Built To Last

Applications Across Many Industries

Screw Auger Systems successfully transfer a large range of products across many industries. Broadly speaking it is suitable for Non Blended or Homogeneous powders and granules. They are preferred for their efficiency and ease of operation.

In the food, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, a large number of products may be pneumatically conveyed,including salt, sugar, flour, starch, spices (food) or yeast granules, glucose, talc, paracetamol (pharmacy) etc. Other sectors using this system include the chemical, plastic, water and mineral industries. PVC resins, limes, silica sands, soda ash, iron oxides, calcium carbonates, cement, fly ash, talcs, and detergents are suitable for Pneumatic Conveying.

Points About Your Screw Auger Systems

A key feature of a Bradwood Packaging Screw Auger Systems is training and documentation, to maximize your ROI.

Total Evacuation – Bradwood Packaging pneumatic conveying systems fully evacuates the vessel being discharged and the conveyor line. This limits cross contamination of multi-ingredient systems. Complete transfer of material also ensures accurate transfer of single or multiple ingredients, maximising quality with minimal waste.
Wide Capacity Range – Bradwood Packaging have a range of systems varying in capacity from several kilos to hundreds of tons per hour and feeding any destination from small packaging lines to silos and mixers. Even if there are fluctuations in the feed rate, this will not damage the system.
Enclosed System Prevents Contamination – Totally enclosed and dust free, Bradwood Packaging conveying systems prevent contamination of the product and the external environment, allowing safe transfer of sensitive or hazardous products.
High Reliability and Ease of Maintenance – Bradwood Packaging Pneumatic conveying systems allow for easy cleaning and maintenance through easy to maintain filter receivers with access doors and inspection ports as well as rotary airlock valves with optional rotor support bars.
Mobile and Custom Configuration – Self contained Bradwood Packaging conveying systems are available pre-engineered and configured on castor mounted frames for mobility within your plant. Packages include feed hopper, and/or pick-wand, blower unit , filter receiver and control package.
Designed, Constructed and Finished to Industrial and
Sanitary Standards – Bradwood Packaging conveying systems are available in carbon steel with durable industrial finishes or stainless steel to standards required for food, diary and pharmaceutical applications.

Designing You rScrew Auger Systems

Your Pneumatic Conveying Systems is designed to move material reducing your labour costs and improving your factory efficiency.

So when you order your Pneumatic Conveying Systems you need to advise us of your applications along with as much information as possible, including feed rates, conveying distance & materials to be conveyed.

Our systems are available to operate in isolation, or can be designed to work in conjunction with a number of feeding solutions such as IBC’S ,Silos, tanks ,big bag and sack handling products. Bradwood Packaging’s engineers can design and install a comprehensive turnkey pneumatic conveying system including the control systems. Additionally controls and equipment can be produced to meet the requirements of the intrinsically safe, dust explosion directives regarding flammable and explosive atmospheres.

The system and design principles in this Pneumatic Conveying Systems Brochure give you some basic information. To make sure you get the right Pneumatic Conveying Systems to suit your needs, you should always talk to Bradwood Packaging sales engineers.

Get More Out Of Your Screw Auger Systems

  • Pressure blowers and vacuum pumps with integral sound enclosures, separate cooling fans and easy access maintenance points.
  • Rotary airlock valves available in a variety of styles and sizes
  • Flex-tube diverters, Y-diverters, plug diverters, rotary and other line diverter configurations
  • Filter receivers for low to high capacity applications
  • Cyclone separators for low to high capacity applications
  • Gain-in-weight and loss-of-weight batching systems
  • Dust collectors and bin vents
  • Controls and electrical equipment
  • Hand-held pick up wand
  • Silos, day bins and other storage vessels
  • De Humidifiers, etc

Your Pneumatic Conveying Systems Is Built To Last