Which Is The Best Weighing Solutions For Your Trucks?

AWESYD2Onboard Weighing Brochure


  • Less expensive to install because it requires less civil work and foundations
  • Suitable if weighbridge needs to be moved to another location
  • Fewer problems with water drainage
  • 150mm standard clearance underneath the weighbridge allows for generous room for cleaning
  • Suitable for trade, by NMI Australia
  • Needs to have ramps at both ends of Weighbridge. Each ramp 5 – 7 metres + turing circle (The gradient of the concrete ramps needs be minimum 10:1 ratio for every 100mm above the ground, needs 1M of Length)
  • Requires large real estate and impedes clear access to hard stand area
  • Inexperienced drivers may find the ramps more difficult to manoeuvre
  • May require walkways and handrails if drivers are required to get out of their trucks
  • Identical to pit Weighbridge, but requires additional side supports


Pit Type
  • Does not need ramps, because it level with pavement
  • Smaller footprint, so you won’t tie up valuable hard stand areas (No Ramps)
  • Your trucks will be able to drive straight on to the weighbridge
  • Suitable for trade, by NMI Australia
  • Does not impede clear access to hard stand area
  • Easy access for other vehicles like forklifts, which are unable to climb ramps
  • Requires extensive civil works & concrete foundations
  • Requires more onsite labour to install
  • Requires special attention to drainage
  • Not good for high water table locations
  • Hazardous gases can build up in the weighbridge pit
  • Safety issues related to working in confined space under weighbridge
  • More difficult for cleaning
AML Series
  • Suitable for CoR Legalisation
  • Non Trade
  • Easy to relocate
  • NonTrade
Axle Weigher
  • Simple construction & fewer parts provides an inexpensive CoR Solution
  • Easy to service
  • Small footprint, less land required
  • Not as accurate as full length weighbridge
  • Operator training required
  • Takes longer to weigh each axle group
  • Not suitable for trade
  • Design for trucks, which constantly pick up new loads, on their runs: Like Garbage Trucks, Skip Bin Trucks, Asphalt, Municipal Council Trucks.
  • Weight can be Captured instantly.
  • Can be linked with other inboard computers, like GPS, etc to work out. costing in real time
  • High cost due to mechanical installation.
  • Retro fitting is difficult due to structural changes and certification.
  • May become noisy if improperly adjusted