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Pit Weighbridge

AWE Pit Weigh, The In-Ground Installation Solution

No Ramps Needed, Less Space Required.

Key Features:
  • Made from Strong Steel

    530mm to 600mm Steel Universal Beams are used for the structural frame to minimize bending.

  • Reinforced

    Cross bracing every 5 metres to prevent twisting. All welds of the steel structure are 8mm.

  • Rust Proof

    Galvanized steel frames and components protects your investment from corrosion.

  • Weather Proof Load Cell

    Weighbridges are powered by hermetically sealed load cells made from 17-4PH stainless steel.

  • Steel or Concrete Available

    Steel decks are relocatable. Concrete for permanent installations.

Single Deck
Multi Deck
Maximum Axle Loading
• Single Axle 9 Tonne
• Tandem Drive Axle 16.5 Tonne
• Tri Drive Axle 20 Tonne
Designed Axle Spacing
• 1.3 Metre
Standard Capacities
- 10 Tonne
- 30 Tonne
- 60 Tonne
- 80 Tonne
- 100 Tonne
- Other capacities available upon request
± 10 KG
± 20 KG
± 50 KG
Galvanised Steel Installation
Deck Construction
Load Cell Model
Titan Industrial Stainless Steel
(Hermetically sealed IP68)
Load Cell Capacity (each)
20,000 KG
40,000 KG
45,000 KG
Sealing & Load Cell Cabling
Rigid PVC & Flexible Steel Conduit
Digital Indicator
Gedge Instrument
Design Loading
Designed to comply with RTA Axle load limits
Ground Compaction
160 kPa required
NMI Approved
(For Trade Version Decks)
Loadcell Weighbridge 6B/206
Popular Weighbridge Add-On Options:
Safety & Traffic Add-Ons:• Security Cameras
• Traffic Lights
• Guard Rails
• Boom Gates
Display Add-Ons:• Remote Displays
• Digital Indicators
Remote Management Add-Ons:• Driver Control Stations
Reporting Add-Ons:• Truck Fleet Management Software
• Printers
• Accounting System Interfacing Software
Quality Control Add-Ons:• Wireless Link to Front End Loaders
• Wheel Washers
* More options available. Talk to our consultants about your specific requirements so we can find the best add-on features or software packages to fit your business needs.

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