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Scorpion Onboard Weighing

The Weigher That Fits Perfectly Between Truck Chassis And Body

  • Product Description
  • Technical Specifications
  • How it works
  • Dimension Drawings
  • Digital Indicator

The Scorpion Onboard Weighing Solution Can Be Retrofitted To ANY Truck.

Ideal on any truck needing to check their loads anywhere and anytime.

Benefits Of Installing Scorpion Onboard:
  • Check your truck’s load anywhere, anytime instantly whilst in a stationary position
  • Save time + money – select suitable tip site by knowing your weight
  • Reduce under/over loading trucks
  • Eliminate fines
  • No more lost income from out-of-route driving – saves trips to the weighbridge
  • Improve safety
  • Reduce damage to your trucks from overloading
  • Comply with Chain of Responsibility legislation
Ideal for the following vehicles:
  • Flatbeds
  • Semi-Trailers
  • Tauliners
  • Dump Trucks
  • Tankers
  • Van for Refuse Collection
  • Tippers
Scorpion On-Board Weighing Technical Specifications:
Loadcell Material4340 High Tensile Steel
Weight6.3 KG
Load cell ProtectionP67
Static Capacity10,000 KG
Rated Output (mV/V)1.50 (±) 0.015
Nonlinearity(±) 0.03% of Full Scale
Repeatability(±) 0.03% of Full Scale
Creep (30 Minutes)(±) 0.02% of Full Scale
Zero Balance(±) 1.0% of Full Scale
Input Resistance350 Ω
Output Resistance350 Ω
Excitation VoltageUp to 15V (DC)
Cable- Orange Polyurethene 4 Core
- 10 Metres
Cable Colour CodeInput Excitation: Red (+) Black (-)
Signal: Green (+) White (-)

  • Installation requires the separation of the truck bed from the chassis.
  • The Scorpion load cell is then mounted to the truck chassis and the truck body/bed placed on top of it.
  • When the truck is loaded with weigh, the load cell senses the pressure applied to the truck bed and sends data to the indicator.
  • A weight reading is displayed on the dash mounted AWE100P indicator instantly for the operator.

Gedge GS100P Indicator works perfectly with the Scorpion:
  • Can be used as a summing box if you have multiple loadcells
  • Summing box functionality allows you to average the inputs from all loadcells & single outputs:
    i.e. Individual Axle Weights, Totals, Groups, Gross/Net
  • Pre-calibrated for 0 to 10,000 counts (2mV/V sensor gain at full scale)
  • Can be re-calibrated using the Auto (apply mass) or mV/V method
  • Adjustable zero offset and span
  • Easy setup – Intuitive text prompts get you up and running
  • Security feature protects your calibration settings
  • Overload alarms can be defined to prevent fines
  • Outputs can be customised
  • Option: Up to 4 digit input for these commands:
    Hold, Lock, Tare, Batch, Zero, Peak Hold or Print remote commands

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