Weigh Your Load On The Go

Ultra portable for industries like farming, mining & transport

The Low Profile Axle Weigher allows you to weigh your axles no matter where are you.

It’s designed for industries where your vehicle may be loading products far away from weighbridges.

Setting up the Axle Weigher is as easy as plugging it & rolling onto them.

The pads are light weight and durable. They connect to an instrument to calculate your truck’s axle weight.

Key Features of the Low Profile Axle Weigher:

  • Light & Durable

    Made from light weight durable aero-industry material

  • High Accuracy Weighing

    High precision weighing capability; high frequency in dynamic response, flat plane construction

  • Environment-Proof

    Treated for superior protection from all environments

  • Easy On/Off Loading

    Complete with approach for easy vehicle loading on/off

  • Easy to Carry

    Industrial rubber handles for safe & comfortable handling

  • Why Choose The Low Profile Axle Weigher
    • Stop paying overload fines
    • High precision
    • Reduce over & under loading trucks
    • Check incoming/outgoing goods
    • Light in weight, easy to transport
    • Low purchase price
    • Work in any environment
    • Australian design
    Ideal Uses:

    • Load control & weighing for vehicles
    • Measuring weight & centre for mass
    • Compliance for mass management
    • Heavy machinery weights

    Industries that rely on
    Low Profile Axle Weighers:

    • Farming
    • Mining
    • Transport


    This system can be adapted from 2 pads to 20 pads
    for weighing.

    Weigh your axles fast – Just roll over pad.

Rated capacity10 tonne
Safe overload120%
Ultimate overload150%
Output sensitivity0.9 ± 0.2
Environment protection ratingIP66
Excitation voltage (recommended)9 volt to 15 volt DC
Input resistance (Ohms)3120 ± 40 Ω
Output resistance (Ohms)2800 ± 10 Ω
Cable typeDiameter 5mm
4 core screen
6 metres
Cable colour codeExcitation: + Red
- Black
Output: + Green
- White

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