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Strain Gauge

Slide Slide Slide Suitable for most Stock Pickers

No More Overloading.

Stick-On Strain Gauge – Overload Prevention Device.

Extra safety for your stock pickers.
The stick-on strain gauge is designed to ensure no overloading incidents will occur.

An overloaded stock picker can easily tip over which could damage the machine, your site, and fatally injure the operator or nearby staff.

The maximum safe load weight of a stock picker decreases based on the lift height and the position of a load on the platform based on the Change of Centres principle. Load centres and lift weights are typically displayed by a serial plate and yellow line across the middle of the platform but rarely do operators pay attention to these critical safety measures.

This onboard weighing solution displays the weight applied to the stock picker platform via the digital indicator, and also allows you to set de-rated capacities for your machine at up to four lift heights, which can prevent incidents where operators accidentally exceed maximum weights at certain lift heights centres and will prevent the machine from tipping. If the stock picker is overloaded an alarm will sound from the indicator and the lift lock-out feature will engage to prevent the stock picker from raising a load and will only allow it to lower loads.

Priced right for your budget and built strong for applications just like yours, we hope you will recognise the benefit of fitting this onboard overload weighing solution to your fleet.

Top features:
  • ‘Safe Weigh’ entry-level digital weight gauge indicator standard
  • Purpose-built for this application
  • Fulcrum overload protection solution
  • Seven-hour fitting time on-site
  • Backlit digital LCD display
  • Multi-stage de-rating with up to four capacity options
  • Ensures safe lift weights based on Change of Centre’s principles
  • Wide range power supply designed for mobile equipment – 9Vdc to 70Vdc
  • Minimal maintenance – system connects with no moving parts, hydraulics or electromechanical devices

We have out-of-the-box and custom solutions for any make of stock picker.

The system consists of two strain gauges bonded on the forklift tynes. The platform is placed on top of the strain gauges to measure the weight and distribution of a load placed onto the platform. The load weight is displayed on the indicator, and the software analyses the position and weight of the load whilst factoring in the platform height. If the load exceeds safe parameters for the platform height, the lift lock-out safety feature will activate.

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