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Freight Mate

Our Low- Cost Mechanical Solution For Onboard Weighing

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The ‘FREIGHT MATE’ onboard weighing system is our low cost mechanical weighing solution. It displays a weight reading of any lifted load on a large, easy-to-read 150mm dial.

You can rely on this system to perform accurately and reliably on most forklifts and reach trucks thanks to its heavy-duty construction.

The benefits of fitting a ‘Freight Mate’ weigher to your machinery include:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Eliminate overload fines
  • Avoid under/over loading trucks
  • Reduce trips to the weighbridge
  • Check incoming/outgoing goods
  • Prevent machinery and racking overload

Features & Benefits

  • ±1% accuracy of machine capacity
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • No loss of lifting capability
  • Solidly mounted bracket
  • Ease of integration and change over
  • Australian design and substantially manufactured
  • Mechanical/Hydraulic solution
  • Low cost installation and purchase price
  • Stainless-steel gauge and tube construction
  • Perfect for wet and dusty environments
  • Suitable for intrinsically safe areas
The 'Freight Mate' uses a Bourdon tube which measures hydraulic pressure - a method widely acclaimed for its superior sensitivity, linearity, and accuracy. A Bourdon tube is a curled-up, flattened metal tube with the base-end held fixed near the pressure inlet while the tip-end is free to move. Any pressure inside the tube tends to unflatten the cross-section which strains the Bourdon tube tip to straighten. Any movement in the tip is sensed by a linkage that is attached to the indicator mechanism and drives the needle to display a weight measurement on the gauge.
Feature: Description
Type Hydraulic/Analogue
Applications Suitable for most forklifts and reach trucks
Accuracy ±1% of capacity (e.g. if lift capacity is 1000kg then accuracy is +/-10kg)
Resolution 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 or 200 (to suit forklift)
Gauge Housing 150mm diameter, all stainless construction
Overload Overload and underload stops included
Manufacture Substantially Australian (80%)
Recalibration Recommended every six months
Fitting Time Two hours maximum
Other Suitable for intrinsically safe areas
Warranty 12 months on instrument and sensors
Approvals Non-trade use
Temperature Temperature compensated
Note: Not legal for trade use. Freight Mate instruments are not expandable. They do not support printers, alarms, totalising etc.