Higher accuracy industrial onboard weighing solution

Load cell replaces a link in the lifting chain mechanism

The Chain Sensor System is a simple and versatile onboard weigher which is suitable for most forklifts, reach trucks, stock pickers and side loaders. It is more expensive than our standard hydraulic based weighing systems, but the Chain Sensor Systems are the next level up in accuracy – offering up to 0.5% accuracy of machine capacity.

With this system fitted to your machines, you can get an instant weight reading of any lifted load, meaning the operator will no longer need to deviate from their working path to weigh loads on a platform scale or weighbridge.

There are a choice of indicators available to pair with the Chain Sensor System, and a range of peripheral devices to customise the unit to better suit your applications and enhance safety, including; printers, audible alarms and hydraulic bypass systems.

The simple design of this system features no moving parts and requires minimum maintenance which will save you time and money in the long run.

Top Features Chain Load Cell System
  • Improved safety and adhere to OH&S standards
  • Save time & money
  • Low purchase price and installation costs
  • Eliminate overload fines on loaded trucks
  • Check consignment weights and incoming/outgoing goods
  • Avoid trips to the weighbridge or platform scales
  • Avoid machinery and racking overloading

Chain Sensor Load Cell

ApplicationSuitable for most forklifts
Accuracy±0.5% of capacity (e.g. if lift capacity is 1000kg then an accuracy of worst case of approx 5kg)
Resolution1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 or 200 (selectable to suit forklift)
Supply Voltage
9Vdc-70Vdc standard
Less than 200mA
HousingPowder coated aluminium case with stainless steel bracket.
IP65 waterproof rating.
W: 250mm x H: 150mm x D: 125mm
DisplayDigital LCD with other output options if required. Eg; alarm, printer, wi-fi.
Warranty12 months on instrument and sensors.
Six (6) months on calibration
Fitting TimeFour (4) hours typically
RecalibrationRecommended six (6) monthly
Manufacture100% Australian made
Printer type:
60mm plain paper
20 per line
12Vdc - 16 to 60v with optional adapter
200mA standby
1A peak printing
Date, time, gross weight, net weight, tare, number of loads, total, grand total and customised header.
Pressure diversion system (where fitted)Hydraulic pressure diversion system suitable for interlocking into main lift ram to stop forklift lifting - only lowering to ground when in overload status.
Other optionsWifi, Bluetooth, datalogging, software, links to computers, weigh in motion, relay outputs

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