Load Cell Junction Box

GS-SP-JB4/6/8 Load Cell Junction Box

GS-SP-JB4/6/8 Load Cell Junction Box With Surge Protection

The Gedge Systems GS-SP-JB4/6/8 is a specially designed junction box for additional protection to loadcells and instrumentation, includes surge arrestors for lightning protection. It is designed to connect 4, 6 or 8 load cell in parallel and one indicator output. It is manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel and is sealed to obtain IP 65 protection against dust, and rain water.

Surge Protection Operating Principle:

The surge protection device protects load cells and associated equipment against damage from transient over-voltages or high impulse currents on field cabling. Surges such as these can be caused by nearby lightning strikes, power supply faults and heavy electrical load switching.

The GS junction box is designed to control line-line and line earth voltages to levels acceptable to the load cells and associated parts. Our junction boxes are equipped with Gas discharge tubes to arrest the heavy power surge. The gas Discharge Tubes divert the extra current from the hot line to the ground line by using an inert gas as the conductor between two lines. The makeup of this gas is such a way that it’s poor conductor at low voltage levels.

During the lightning or heavy spike. If the produced electrical power is high enough the gas will ionize and will be a powerful conductor. It passes the current to the ground line until the voltage is back to normal and the gasses will turn into a poor conductor again.You will have to install proper ground cable (0.2Ω) for optimum results. By grounding the load cell and the gas discharge tube at the same point, as they both rise to the same potential. So if there are no other ground connections, the load cell no longer “sees” the transient voltage and is not damaged.

What You Get With The GS-SP-JB4/6/8 Load Cell Junction Box

Welded stainless steel (304 Grade) construction
• Rubber seal on the inside of the enclosure lid
• Clamping glands seal 4mm to 8mm cable entry against ingress of
dust and liquid
• 25 turn 20 Ohm Span adjustment pots for Excitation Balance if
• pots are “shorted out” with “enable” jumpers so if not
required they cannot influence weighing accuracy
• Available for maximum of 4, 6 or 8 load cell input
• Input terminal for 6 wire load cell with screen and separate ground terminal

• 7 terminal model allows SENSE of the Excitaion Voltages all the way to the Load Cell on 6 wire load cells
• Compact in size and easy to install
• It protects the load cells and other devices from heavy spikes and lightning
• Corner balancing by potentiometer

Applications For The GS-SP-JB4/6/8 Load Cell Junction Box

• Multi load cell
• Weighing application
• Weighbridges
• Silo weighing
• Hopper weighing
• Platform scales

Inetrior View of GS-SP-JB4/6/8 Load Cell Junction Box

GS-SP-JB4/6/8 Load Cell Junction Box Specifications

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