Need to measure compression & tension?

The AGY-3 through-hole design can be used for applications such as
bolt force measurements, clamping forces & rolling mill overload monitoring.

AGY-3 Compression Load Cell has a unique bridge structure with cup and steel ball mounting. Self-resetting and centering. Widely used in truck scales, railroad scales, hopper scales and various other special scales.

AGY-3 Key Features

  • Wheel-shaped load cell
  • Good rigidity, strong side force resistance
  • Overloading self-locking
  • High output to 4mV/V
  • Hermetically sealed IP 68 moisture-proof sealed
  • Ideal for hostile environments
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Good interchangeability
  • Good side force resistance and shock resistance

Rated Output (mV/V)4.00 ± 0.015
Non Linearity± 0.03 % of Full Scale
Hysteresis± 0.03 % of Full Scale
Repeatability± 0.015% of Full Scale
Creep (30 minutes)± 0.02% of Full Scale
Zero Balance± 1.00% of Full Scale
Temperature Effect on Zero
± 0.02% of Full Scale/10ºC
Temperature Effect on Output± 0.02% Full Scale/10ºC
Input Resistance (Ω)765 ± 15
Output Resistance (Ω)700 ± 5
Insulation Resistance (Ω)≤ 5000 M
Excitation Voltage10V (DC/AC)
Compensated Temperature Range-10ºC to +50ºC
Operating Temperature Range-20ºC to +60ºC
Safe Overload120% of Full Scale
Cableø 6 x 9 m
Cable Colour CodeInput:
Red (+) Black (-)
Green (+) White (-)

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