APE-7 Bending Beam Load Cell

Harsh environments? No problem.

The APE-7 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam load cell has been designed for long-term performance in harsh environments. Part of a wide range of high quality IP68 load cell environment rating, the AWE APE-7 Bending Beam is ruggedly built from the finest stainless steel used for load cell construction.

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    APE-7 Bending Beam Load Cell »

    The APE-7 can be used with strong fastening bolts and ruggedly built attachments for secured mounts with
    its generously sized attachments and finely-bored through holes.

    Compliant with Australian & International Standards of measurement, the APE-7 dimensions and
    mountings enable the easy replacement of other brands in most cases direct hole centres and
    outputs. Its laser-welded stainless steel construction provides an armor and shield to internal
    parts ensuring a hermetically sealed unit. It carries an IP68 environment protection rating with its
    welded seal construct.

    The APE-7 load cell is adapted for long-term use and extremely durable to outlast any other
    competitor in the market today. Its versatility is in demand for weighing now and in the
    foreseeable future in Australia and across the globe.

    A wide selection of accessories is available for our range of load cells. Accessories render your
    application more cost effective while meeting your requirements for strength and durability.

    APE-7 Applications »

    Any Indoor or Outdoor application requiring a Strong Fully Constrained all Stainless Steel, Galvanised or Nickel Plated Load Cell Mounts.

    Use in Chemical, Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries where industrial Construction is essential Hopper, Tank and Silo Weighing in Hostile Environments. Use in applications requiring the Ultimate in Accuracy from a Constrained Mount.

    • All Floor Scales, especially Washdown and Marine Environments
    • Batch weighing in Hostile Environments
    • Hopper Filling and Level Control
    • Food and Chemical Industry
    • Bagging and Filling Machines
    • Inventory Control, by weight
    • Shipping Scales
    • Non-Trade Scale Conversions

    APE-7 Order Codes »

    APE – 7010 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam10KG
    APE – 7020 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam20KG
    APE – 7030 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam30KG
    APE – 7050 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam50KG
    APE – 70100 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam100KG
    APE – 70200 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam200KG
    APE – 70300 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam300KG
    APE – 70500 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam500KG
    APE – 701000 Stainless Steel IP68 Bending Beam1000KG

    APE-7 Technical Specification »

    Safe Service Overload100% Capacity
    Safe Overload150% Capacity
    Ultimate Load300% Capacity
    Safe Side Load150% Capacity
    Full Load Output2m V/V ±0.10%
    Combined Error<0.02% of Full Scale
    Non Repeatability<0.01% of Full Scale
    Creep/Zero Return (30 minutes)<0.02% of Full Scale
    Zero Balance<2.00% of Full Scale
    Span Temperature Effect<20ppm/ ̊C
    Zero Temperature Effect<20ppm/ ̊C
    Compensated Range-10 ̊C ~ +50 ̊C
    Operating Range-20 ̊C ~ +60 ̊C
    Environmental Protection RatingIP68
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Material Grade Protective Bellows316
    ConstructionLaser Welded Steel
    Input Resistance385Ω ± 10Ω
    Output Resistance385Ω ± 3Ω
    Isulation Resistance>2000MΩ
    Excitation, Recommended5-volt DC to 15-volt DC
    Excitation, Maximum20-volt DC
    Cable Type5mm OD 4 core-screened
    Cable Length3 metres