The Stingray series low profile heavy duty platform scale will deliver fast accurate weighing of bulk goods. Its tough design is suitable for everyday use in the busiest of factories. Choose from one of our standard models or request a custom solution specifically for your needs.

AWE’s Stingray Series of heavy-duty platform scales provide floor scale models of proven durability and strength. Capable of with standing punishing shocks and severe weight loads, the Stingray Series offers industrial strength quality ideal for factories, manufacturing plants or rugged outdoor sites operating round-the-clock.

It’s reliability in accurate and precision weighing of bulk goods showcase a prime candidate for your choice of heavy-duty floor scales. It’s maintenance-free design has no moving parts but portable enough for moving into any fixed position within your warehouse premises or in rough uneven terrain.

Stingray Large Platform Scale Key Features:

  • Trade approved versions
  • Above ground or shallow pit installation
  • Single piece Design means Maintenance free
  • High overload capacity
  • Water-Proof (when fitted with AGX hermetically sealed load cells)
  • High overload capacity
  • Aligns on uneven floors
  • No moving parts
  • Biggest range of options and finishes Industrial quality (foundry grade)
  • Built to last, constructed from heavy duty Galvanised
  • Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Portable or fixed position
  • Large range of options
  • Market leading large industrial platform with 1000’s Sold
  • Various sizes to suit pallets, & drums
  • Customisation available to suit your requirements

Accuracy0.05% of Total Capacity
Overload100% of Total Capacity
Excitation Voltage for Loadcells- 10vDC (recommended)
- Range of 5-18vDC
Lead in Cable (standard)5 Metres
Operating Temperature Ranges (Environmental)- 20ºC to above 60ºC (Operating Temperature)
- 10ºC to above 40ºC (Compensated Temperature)
Foot Assemblies (Heavy-duty rubber optional)Height adjustable, self-aligning metal foot 10mm
DeflectionTypically 3mm centre loaded at rated capacity
Side LoadingSame as rated capacity
Self Aligning to 10mm surface variation
Corner MatchingMatching Network Installed in basework as standard
ServiceabilityNo moving parts
No Flexures
Standard Finish- Painted
- Galvanised
- Stainless
Warranty12 Months Parts & Labour
Computer Interface
(Optional Accessory)
RS-232C Software Data Entry
Weight Data Storage
Auto Zero TrackingOption Selector for Lb, Kg Units
Power- Rechargeable
- Mains powered


STINGRAY 15000.5600 X 0.2 KG
STINGRAY 6000.21500 X 0.5 KG
STINGRAY 300013000 X 1.0 KG



STINGRAY 6000.2600 X 0.2 KG
STINGRAY 15000.51500 X 0.5 KG
STINGRAY 300013000 X 1.0 KG

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