PAL Series Pallet Weighers fits hand-operated & powered pallet trucks in various sizes and capacities for all warehousing, factory and workshop applications.

We factory fit the system to suit your Palletjack or Electric Pallet.

We provide a wide range of PAL series weighing scales to help manage your moving and storage control within factory premises, workshops and warehouses. Weigh IBCs, pallecons, crates and bulk containers neatly with one swift action. Moving packages and segregating based on weight has never been easier. With its builtin overload protection feature, you eliminate costly downtimes and equipment repair. PAL Series is your ally in stock inventory control, housekeeping and maintenance.

PAL Series Pallet Weigher Key Features:

  • Installs four(4) Loadcells
  • Digital Instrumentation
  • Built-in Overload Protection for the Scales
  • Rugged design to handle Wet & Dustry Environments
  • Versatile, suits most Pallet Trucks (electric or hand)
  • Custom-fitting available
  • Back Light Display
  • Auto Shut-off (configurable)
  • Easy handling with IBCs, pallecons, crates and bulk containers, plastic pallets or wire cages
  • Low maintenance
  • Minimum lift height of 85mm
  • Full 200mm lift (on standard model)
  • 12-month warranty on parts and labour
Weighing Capacity:

  •  600kg x 0.2kg
  • 1500kg x 0.5kg
  • 2000kg x 1kg

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