Select the GS1650P for any application requiring a PEAK FORCE or PEAK WEIGHT HOLD feature. Applications include Proof Testing of Chains, Bolts and Tensioning Rods

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[spoiler intro=”GS1650Pmk3 PEAK Digital Weight/Force Indicator »”]The GS1650P is a high precision microprocessor based instrument designed for use in a wide range of industrial weighing and peak weight/force applications.

The extensive range of optional outputs enables the GS1650P’s use with BCD, Analog or Serial printers, computers and controllers. Printer outputs may be formatted by the user, to enable the use of low cost unintelligent serial printers to print gross/net and peak weights.[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”What You Get With The GS1650P »”]

  • Reliable – The basic GS1650PMk3 comprises a load cell amplifier and A/D Converter, a 2k block of RAM, an EEPROM and a front panel keyboard/display all under control of the microprocessor CPU, together with all of the power supplies and ancillaries required for reliable self contained operation.
  • Options Available – The GS1650PMk3 may be fitted, in the field, with an Option 01 proprietary serial output board and with any one of 5 user output option boards:
      • Option 01 – GS Peripheral Output
      • Option 02 – EIA RS-232C Serial Output
      • Option 03 – Parallel BCD output
      • Option 05 – 20Ma Current loop serial output.
      • Option 06 – Analog output
      • Option 09 – EIA RS-422A Serial Output
      • Option 202 – Optically Isolated RS-232 Serial Output
      • Option 207 – Dual RS-232C & 20mA Current Loop
  • SE02 Stainless Steel Enclosure – For the ultimate in harsh environment protection, the GS1650PMk3 can be supplied in an optional stainless steel IP65 rated enclosure, the SE02.
  • 100% Tested – EACH GS1650PMk3 is 100% tested including one day in our temperature chamber between –10°C & + 40°C to assure you of its accuracy and thermal stability better than 7.5 parts per million/Oc[/spoiler][spoiler intro=” GS1650P Specifications »”]
  • Physical: All metal enamel finished deskmounting enclosure. 14mm high 7 segmented high intensity red LED display to a maximum of 19990. Panel Mounting Kit is Optional.
  • Front: 198mm W x 96mm H
  • Cut Out: 186mm W x 92mm H
  • Body: 184mm W x 90mm H x 232 D
  • Unit Weight: 2.3kg sipping weight 3kg.
  • Environment: -10C to +40C Operating; -15C to +70C Storage; to 95%RH non con-densing.
  • Power: 100/110/117/200/220/240VAC -/+10% 49 to 62Hz 15VA
  • Rear Panel: Power cable appliance receptacle; Fuse and fuse holder; Cut out for Options; 9 pin D series male load cell connector and mating cable plug metal Backshell.[/spoiler][wptabs mode=”horizontal”]

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