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Digital Weight Indicator Transmitters GS1650MK3

GS1650Mk3 Digital Weight Indicator

For Ultra High Accuracy And Thermal Stability

The Right Choice For All Applications Requiring Digital Weight Indicator And Measures Approval to 8500 divisions ( NSC Approval S193B) AND/OR Ultra High Accuracy And Thermal Stability.

Top Features:
  • 12,000 Divisions Display Resolution. 48,000 Count Internal resolution. Can be setup in weight increments of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50.
  • Linearity Correction allows any installation to be Accurately Linearized by using One Easily Set Linearity adjustment setting.
  • Ease of Installation. The GS1650Mk3 was the FIRST to use fully automated on-site weight calibration and front keyboard setup. Tens of thousands of users World Wide report it as still the WORLD LEADER in simplicity of installation – it’s their preferred choice – often imitated by competitors but never equalled or bettered.
  • Sensibly Sized Front Panel and Keyboard. The 12mm keys can easily be operated while wearing gloves and the large six digit 14mm LED display is clearly readable from a distance and in low light conditions.
  • Designed to Withstand the Heat. Unlike miniature weight indicators having high component densities which could make them prone to overheating, the GS1650Mk3 RUNS COOL, due to it’s purpose designed generous layout which enhances heat dissipation.
  • Stainless Steel IP65 Enclosure. For the ultimate in harsh environment protection, the GS1650Mk3 can be supplied in an optional Stainless Steel IP65 rated enclosure, the model SE02.
  • Full Range of Options. Options including Time and Date, Simultaneous Analog & Serial Outputs and Optically Isolated Serial Options Australian Weights and Measures Approved to 8,5000 divisions. NSC Certificate S193B.
  • IP65 Stainless Steel Remote Display. With the fitment of a low cost serial card (Option01), the GS1650Mk3 can be connected to as many as eleven remote displays and weight controllers over distances to 1,000 meters. These include the IP65 rated Stainless Steel housed 40mm High Visibility Remote Display model GS1040-99, perfect for all weight “display repeater” applications.
  • Assured Quality. Through experience, design and in-house production control. Also each Indicator is shipped with a signed and numbered quality certificate.
  • Weight Indicators of Choice. Gedge Systems Weight Indicators are chosen by more Major Australian Weighbridge & Scale Manufacturers than any other Brand – and for good reason:- Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, Australian Made and able to be Supplied & Installed for a Fair Total Cost.
  • Fully Compliant. Meets the latest Australian and European EMI/RFI immunity and emission standards and fully Y2K compliant.
  • 100% Tested. EACH GS1650Mk3 is 100% tested including one day in our temperature chamber between -10oC and +40oC to assure you of its accuracy and thermal stability better than 7.5 parts per million/oC.
  • Load Cell/s Input. -1mV to 45mV calibrated 400 to 12,000 display divisions at 0.33μV/division to 45μV/divisions. Displays -4% to +104% FS range. Excitation 10VDC Short Circuit Protected drives up to EIGHT 350ohm Load Cells in parallel to 230mA max. True differential remote sensing using a separate pair of wires. Source Impedance 2kohm maximum. Input Impedance 10Mohm minimum.
  • Front End Accuracy/Stability. Linearity ±0.01%FS; Span ±7.5ppm/oC; Zero, for dead load input from -1mV to +20mV the greater of 1dd/5oC or 200nV/oC; Noise 1μV p-p RTI maximum. Active 2Hz 2 Pole Low Pass Analog Filter plus Digital Filtering.
  • Linearity  Adjustment. Can be setup to apply one linearity correction anywhere within the weighing capacity. The linearity adjustment, which, for the ultimate in accuarcy is entered in quarter division increments, can correct for up to 31 display divisions of non-linearity. The correction, which is automatically proportioned, need not be symmetrical around the point of maximum error.
  • Front Panel. SIX digit 14mm high 7 segment High Intensity red LED display to 199990 plus SIX LED lamps. Positive action tactile feedback keyboard behind tough water resistant membrane.
  • Standards. Approved by Australian Weights and Measures for use to 8,500 divisions Certificate S193B. Year 2000 Compliant. Conforms to the requirements of the Australian electromagnetic Compatibility Framework C-Tick Regulations. Conforms to European Electromagnetic Emissions & Immunity Directive 89/336/EEC.
  • Physical/Environmental. All metal enamel finished panel mounting enclosure with Optional panel mounting slides. Front 198mm W x 96mm H; Body 184mm W x 90mm H x 246mm L. Panel cut out 186mm W x 92mm H. Panel rear projection 232mm (allow extra 70mm for connectors). Weight 2.3kg; Shipping weight 3kg. Environment -10C to +40C Operating; -15C to +70C Storage; to 95%RH non condensing. Power 100VAC to 240VAC (specify on order) ±10% 49 to 62Hz 15VA. Rear Panel includes Power receptacle, Fuse/fuse holder, 9 pin D load cell connector plus cutouts for three Output Options Connectors.

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