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AJIK8 Intelligent Indicator & AJIK6 Weight Indicator. NMI Trade Approved Indicator.

Select on the links and tabs below for further information…[spoiler intro=”AJIK Series Indicator”] AJIK Series Indicator is the solution to your weighing indicator applications requiring multiple functions, rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software and multiple connective options.

The AJIK Series Indicator can drive up to 8 load cells. Easy to read large 6 digits LCD display, 30 mm height supported with auto backlight. Selectable weight unit: Kg, g, lb, pcs, %.

  • NMI Trade Approved S500
  • Easy to read large LCD display with green LED backlight
  • Can be ordered with IP66 Stainless Steel Casing or ABS Plastic Casing
  • Dual channel as a standard feature for AJIK-8 (connection to larger platforms and floor scales)
  • Zero / Tare / Weighing / Simple counting / Percent weighing / Net / Gross / Accumulation / Serial No. / Check weighing functions
  • Options: 2 Relay interfaces, 1 RS-232 interface 240VAC
[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”What You Get With AJIK Series Indicator”]
  • IP-66 (Only for Stainless steel model)
  • You can select the Units: kg or g, pcs, %, to suit your work processes
  • Auto power off function, so your batteries will last longer
  • LCD with backlight function
  • Simple counting and percentage functions
  • Auto zero tracking function
  • Hi / Lo weight checking
  • Dual scale (only for AJIK-8 series)
  • Printing, external Large display and PD through optional RS232
  • Light tower through optional relay board
[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”NMI Trade Approval For The AJIK-8CSB Indicator”] NMI S500 Australian Weighing Equipment Model AJIK-8CSB Digital Indicator

Pattern: approved 18 July 2007
• An Australian Weighing Equipment model AJIK-8CSB single interval digital indicator.

Variants: approved 18 July 2007
1. Model AJIK-6CSB which has fewer features than the pattern.
2. Models AJIK-8CAB and AJIK-6CAB which are in plastic housings. Technical Schedule No S500 describes the pattern and variants 1 & 2.

An Australian Weighing Equipment model AJIK-8CSB digital mass indicator (Table 1 and Figure 1) which may be configured to form part of a weighing instrument with a single weighing range of up to 6000 verification scale intervals as listed in Table 1
[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”AJIK Series Indicators Technical Specification”]

HousingABSStainless SteelABSStainless Steel
Weighing unitskg / g / lb / pcs / %
Display6 digits, 30mm digit height, green backlit LCD display
Weight(kg)Net weight: 2.5

Gross weight: 2.93
Net weight: 3.03

Gross weight: 3.46
Net weight: 2.5

Gross weight: 2.93
Net weight: 3.03

Gross weight: 3.46
Power supply9V/ 1A adaptor, or 6V/3Ah rechargeable battery
Load cell excitationDC 5V, Up to 8×350 ohm load cells
Operating Temp-5 ~ 40˚C
CertificationOIML , CE
Power Supply9V / A1 Adaptor, or 6V/3Ah rechargeable battery
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