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The GS125 High Intensity LED Large Display has been designed to display a high visibility interface with the extra large LED suitable for weighbridges and similar applications. With the extra large high-visibility 120mm LED display can be seen clearly up to a distance of 120 meters range and with a 120 degree viewing angle.

This high intensity LED display offers a flexible solution for a variety of high speed, high-accuracy weighing, batching and level measurement operations. It features two isolated auto-detecting serial ports, and accepts serial inputs from a wide range of devices. It comes with 3 x 5A relays for stop/go lights or centre of zero light.

The GS125 is an all-weather display with stable performance in extreme Low & High temperature conditions. It possesses high thermal stability without overheating. With an intuitive software that can automatically detect from another compatible pairing instrument, or allows itself to be manually set.

The GS125 Large Display is extremely durable to outlast any other competitor in the market today — Designed and built to last to provide long-term use for decades. Its versatility is in demand for weighing now and in the foreseeable future in Australia and across the globe.

A wide selection of accessories is available for our range of Indicators. Accessories render your application more cost effective while meeting your requirements for strength and durability.[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”What you Get With Your GS125 Strain Gauge Input LED Large Display »”]

  • GS125 High Intensity LED Large Display (Standard 5 Digit Display Unit)
  • Instruction manual
  • 4 x Mounting Clips
  • Sticker Pack (g,k,t)[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”GS125 High Intensity LED Large Display Applications »”]

Any Indoor or Outdoor application requiring a Large, High Visibility Indicator. Used in Chemical, Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industries where industrial Construction is essential, e.g Hopper, Tank and Silo Weighing in Hostile Environments.

  • GS125 High Intensity LED Large Display
  • Used on weighbridges, so the driver can check the loads
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Concrete Batching Plant
  • Food and Chemical Industry
  • Silo & Tank Weighing
  • Waste Industries
  • Used as a pulse counter in any counting application.

Aboveground Weighbridge Kimbriki Tip with an GS125 fitted so the driver can check Weight of the load[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”GS125 High Intensity LED Large Display Specifications »”]

Power consumption40W (max)
Character formatAll standard ASCII characters
Display4-digit, 5-digit, 6-digits LED Extra Large, 140mm by 78mm wide, each digit 68 hi-density,
wide angle LEDs arranged into dual rows for improved digit definition. Status annunciators
Motion, Centre of Zero and Net are available on some models.
VisibilityRange upto 120 meters and viewing angle of 120 degree
Update Rate10Hz
Operating EnvironmentTemp -10°C to +65°C, humidity <90% non-condensing
SetupFully automatic for GS Indicators and most popular brands, using appropriate strings.
Semiautomatic for other compatible brands.
Memory retentionFull non-volatile operation
UnitsDisplay in kg, g, t, lb, N – any units (Standard Adhesive Stickers supplied for g, kg,t)
Date portRS232 two-wire (receive only)
20mA two-wire serial current loop (receive only)
RS485 two-wire (receive only)
Flash portLink IR Port on housing front
Power supply110-240 VAC 50-60Hz 25W
Standard 100–240V AC / 127–370V DC (50/60 Hz)DC Low: 9.2–18V DC, Med: 18–36V DC,
High: 36–72V DCAC Low: 13–25V AC, Med: 26–50V AC
Enclosure RatingIP65
Body Size707mm (L) x 188mm (H) x 95mm (D) (Standard Unit comes with 5 digits)
Display WindowHardened Glass, 671mm x 141mm
Weight3.4 kg
ConstructionPowder-coated or anodised aluminium extrusion
Remote Inputs3 x user configurable inputs
Status AnnunciatorsCentre of Zero, Motion and Nett modes (OPTIONAL)
Decimal Point PositionAutomatic Assignment in software
Manual Override
ApprovalsComplies with S1/0/B for auxiliary devices
C-Tick (N2708), CE and FCC
SuppliedWall-mounting Clips supplied
Add-On OptionsWeather Hoods, Post & Pole-mounting Plates, Swivel Mounting Kit

[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”GS125 High Intensity LED Large Display Order Codes »”]
Signal input (Select one)
GS120–232GS120 LED large display with RS232 signal input
GS120–485GS120 LED large display with RS485 signal input
GS120–422GS120 LED large display with RS422 signal input
GS120–CLGS120 LED large display with 20mA current loop input
Power input (Select one) STD 100–240V AC / 127
STD100–240V AC / 127–370V DC
DCL9.2–18V DC
DCM18–36V DC
DCH36–72V DC
ACL13–25V AC
ACM26–50V AC
Inputs/Outputs (Select one if required)
232RS232 Isolated Serial Input/Output
485RS485 Isolated Serial Input/Output
AAnalogue output 0–10V/4–20mA
Display options (Select one)
R4Red LED digits x 4
R5Red LED digits x 5 (standard)
R6Red LED digits x 6
Display options ctd… (Select one/both/none)
ZRed LED annunciators for center of zero, motion flag and nett symbol
TRed/green LED traffic lights
Sample order code: GS120–232–STD–A–R5T ORDER CODES
GS120 with RS232 signal input, STD Power
input, Additional Analog output and Five digits
plus Traffic Light

[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”LED Large Display Characters »”]

LED Large Display Characters

[/spoiler][spoiler intro=”GS125 Large Display Add on Options »”]

4, 5 or 6 digit annunciators

• Red and green traffic control lights

• Annunciator for centre of zero, motion, and nett

• Mounting kits (wall and pole)

• Weather proof hoods

• Double side display option

• RS232 Isolated Serial input/output

• RS485 Isolated Serial input/output

• 4-20mA/0-10V analog output[/spoiler][wptabs mode=”horizontal”] [wptabtitle]Drawings[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]

Dimensions GS125 High Intensity LED Large Displays

Dimensions GS120 High Intensity LED Large Displays

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