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GS3850 Weight set point controller

For Set Point Alarms Or Weigh Feeder Controls

The GS3850 Is A Versatile, Intelligent, User-Configurable, Low-Cost Weigh/Set-Point Controller.

For applications requiring set point alarms or weigh feeder controls, use the GS3850. It’s affordable and scalable, allowing  more units to be inter-connected as your needs expand.

Key Features:
  • GS3850 can be configured to suit many applications:
    • Select 8 lines / Set Points with individual In-Flight compensation
    • Select 2 Dual Speed feeder control lines with individual High and Low Tolerances, In Flight compensation and High Speed Feeder Cut Off settings or select various other combinations in between.
  • Up to Eleven GS3850’s may be connected to an option 01 equipped GS1650Mk3 Digital Indicator or a GS2750 Set point Controller, via a low cost 3-wire 62.5K baud high speed serial interconnection.
  • The GS3850 incorporates HSLE High Speed Linear Extrapolation at 300 samples per second for the ultimate in high speed batching precision.

GS3850 Weigh/Set-Point Controller Technical Specifications:

Outputs: Eight (8) User and One (1) Alarm Outputs Optically Isolated Open Collector, capable of sinking 1 Amp from 5VDC to 48VDC.

Inputs: Optically Isolated pulled up internally via current limiting 2.2K Ohm resistor to the 24VDC supply.

Supply: 24 Volt DC Control Voltage supply, 640mA (8 Outputs x 80mA) current limited, isolated and indefinite short circuit protected.

General: All metal silver enamel finished desk and panel mounting enclosure. 14mm high 7 segmented high intensity red LED display to a maximum of 19990.

Front: 198mm W x 96mm

Cut Out: 186mm W x 92mm H

Body: 184mm W x 90mm H x 246mm D

Power: 100, 110, 117, 200, 220, 240VAC +/- 10% 49 to 62Hz, 15VA

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