Throw away the PLC, computer or logic circuits.

The GS2800 is the only multi-ingredient controller you need.

You won’t need any other instruments for your batching processes.

The GS2800 gives you all the control, reporting, accumulating and measuring functions you need.

Control multi-ingredient batching processes without a PLC

The GS2800 can handle these
Multi-Ingredient Batching Processes

  • Food stuff
  • Confectionery
  • Concrete
  • Road Materials
  • Beverages
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Animal Feed
  • Any production process requiring multi-component batching

Top Features of the GS2800

  • Powerful & Flexible

    The GS2800 replaces Weight Indicators, Logic Circuits, PLC’s & Computers in most batching applications.

  • User Friendly

    Easy to setup & program using conversation type menus and messages.

  • Quality Assured

    Internal self-checking & extensive batching log recording of ALL batching operation.

  • Rugged Design

    Works in all environments.

  • Smart Material Management

    Provides printed and displayed materials & recipe usage reports.

  • 20 Recipes

    Stores 20 recipes with up to 32 steps per recipe. Upgrade to unlimited recipe capacity if a computer is used to download recipes.

  • Secure

    Two levels of access security: remote key input & password protection. Backup battery ensures your security settings are always on.

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